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3rd Edition

3 Arte Laguna Prize

Organization Arte Laguna
Cultural Association MoCa

Province of Treviso, Province of Venenice, Veneto Region,

European Institute of Design

Sections of the Prize

Painting, Sculpture, Photographic Art

Jury Igor Zanti, Annalisa Rosso, Carlo Sala, Viviana Siviero,Gloria Vallese Rossella Bertolazzi, Marcello Carriero, Laurent Fabry, Ilaria Piccioni, Giovanni Bianchi, Ilaria Simeoni
Institutional Prizes Painting: 4,500 €
Sculpture: 4,500 €
Photographic Art: 4,500 €
Special Prizes

Special Prize “Inside Art”

Special Prize “Radio Imago”

Special Prize ""

Special Prize “”

Special Prize “Giuria Virtuale”

Personal exhibition at a circuit of 12 art galleries

Business For Art Prize Special Prize “Capo d'Opera"
Collective exhibitions

Brolo Centro d'Arte e Cultura, Mogliano Veneto (Treviso)
18th october - 2nd november 2008
30 finalists of the painting section


Fondazione Benetton Studi e Ricerche (Treviso)

4th - 19th october 2008

30 finalists of the sculpture section


Exhibition area "In Paradiso", Giardini of Biennale of Venice

22nd october - 2nd november 2008

30 finalists of the photographic art section


Painting: Pierluigi Febbraio
Sculpture: Dania Zanotto
Photographic Art: Paolo Angelosanto