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Inside Art is a monthly magazine about art and culture, edited by Guido Talarico Editore spa. It is considered as one of the most complete and creative Italian magazines. Inside Art has its main office in Rome and many collaborators in Italy and in the principal foreign Capitals.


   Il Gazzettino is an Italian daily paper distributed in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It is the eighth daily paper for diffusion and the most important in the North-East area of Italy. It is constituted by 2 parts: a national section, which is the same for all its editions, and a local one. Here il Gazzettino’s editions: Venezia, Belluno, Padova, Rovigo, Treviso, Vicenza-Bassano, Friuli, Pordenone .

      Since 1999, Photosapiens.com focuses on photography market and events in France (exhibitions, festivals, tradeshows, etc.) With around 4000 visitors daily, Photosapiens.com is also known for its book reviews, and
its comprehensive range of professional directories (photographers, galleries, editors, etc.) The services offered by Photosapiens.com cover the whole range of needs from moderns photographers : 24/7 online website management tool including Flash galleries, shopping cart and search engine technology (IPTC and full text).

                   Radio Imago is a web radio totally devoted to Arts, Culture and Shows. It aspires to be a point of reference in the artistic-cultural panorama and a oasis for whom desires something Good. Culture and Arts must not have flags or be political instruments. This way Imago is free and independent. Imago’s professionals belong to different political, religious and cultural thinking. Universal language, talent communion, curiosity and “no-fear of the other” originate this creative mix that we call Radio.

                     Seroxcult is a web magazine conceived as an innovative and immediate product with a legible and evident graphic layout, easy access and consultation. It focus on a daring and speculative editorial line that, by calling to mind through languages and contents an anti-depressive therapy, intends to stimulate and inform by transversally interacting with the new expressive tendencies by means of news, editorials, articles, and by means of its bimestrial web magazine.