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ACTUPHOTO.COM is a web magazine dedicated to photography. Since actuphoto launch in 1998, it has become one of the most important photography news medium in France that’s why the most recognized curators rely on it to cover their photography events. website gets around 10 000 visitors daily and will be soon launched in spanish, english, german and italian.


ANTIKDECOR, launched in 1988, it's an antiques, art and decoration magazine. It is distributed bimonthly with a readership of over 15.000 individuals in Turkey. It is aimed primarily at readers highly interested in art and travelling a lot all around the world. AntikDekor is the best way to follow the Turkish art market as well. Artam Global Art magazine was launched in September 2009. It is free of charge supplement of AntikDecor magazine. It covers only modern and contemporay art news, exhibitions, auctions, biennales, academically proven essays, interviews with emerging and established artists and famous collectors.


GENTE DI FOTOGRAFIA è un periodico trimestrale di cultura fotografica e immagini a diffusione nazionale. La rivista che ha iniziato le pubblicazioni nel giugno del 1994 nasce dall'esigenza di approfondire il discorso teorico e sul mezzo fotografico e di far conoscere il lavoro dei nuovi talenti della fotografia. In ogni numero, particolare spazio viene dedicato alle immagini in bianco e nero, al mercato della fotografia d'autore e all'editoria fotografica internazionale.

JULIET art magazine è una rivista di informazione e teoria strettamente dedicata alle espressioni artistiche contemporanee: arte, moda, architettura, design, fotografia, fumetto, ecc. È stata fondata nel 1980 ed è diretta da Roberto Vidali.


THE GAZZETTINO is the North East newspaper since 1887. It is the eighth Italian daily newspaper for diffusion and the largest of Triveneto. It consists of two backs: one national, the same for all editions, and one local (Venice, Treviso, Padua, Belluno, Rovigo, Vicenza-Bassano, Friuli, Pordenone).


IL VENEZIA is the local newspaper of Gruppo E Polis covering the area of the Venice province, where it is distributed widely by the formula free pay at business and institutional, as well as being present in major newsstands.


Inside Art è un mensile di arte e cultura edito da Guido Talarico Editore spa. Giudicato tra i prodotti più completi e creativi tra i magazine culturali italiani (nel 2005 ha vinto il premio Grand Prix come prodotto più innovativo dell’anno), InsideArt ha fatto della qualità, dell’innovazione e del sostegno alle nuove generazioni di artisti i propri tratti distintivi. Inside Art conta su una redazione centrale ubicata a Roma e su un folto gruppo di collaboratori presenti in tutto il Paese e nelle principali capitali straniere. Pur essendo un giornale dichiaratamente divulgativo e di servizio, Inside Art si è rapidamente imposto tra addetti ai lavori ed appassionati per l’accuratezza e la qualità dell’informazione prodotta e soprattutto per indipendenza ed autorevolezza di giudizio.



Revolutionart is an international magazine about graphic design, visual arts and lifestyle It’s a bimonthly publication aimed mainly at graphic artists and is considered one of the most influential worldwide. Each edition, with more than 70.000 readers, is commanded by a matter of global concern in which artists from all around the world express theirselves, among them known photographers, international designers and illustrators, but also famous models and music bands.

TUTTI FOTOGRAFI, born in 1970, this magazine is the market leader in Italy. It gives space to news of the market by providing suggestions for the choice of cameras, lenses, printers and all that can be useful in photography. The magazine publishes extensive articles on photographic practice, explaining the various shooting techniques and providing tips to get better images. A significant space is devoted to interviews with professionals and to their images, to approach their skills and professional experience.


Taste Vin, with its 35 years of life, is the highest expression of commitment to a    modern and intelligent oenology and gastronomy, that know how to defend consumers' health and respect the great resource that is earth. The cover of each issue is dedicated to the celebration of a known or emerging artist, in order to seal the inseparable link between enogastronomic art and the more properly called "arts".



ZOOM, founded in 1980 and distributed in all the world, this magazine is an international publication dedicated to the full spectrum of the photographic image: portraiture, landscape, fashion, documentary, fine art and digital images. In addition to photographers of world renown, it also offers the artistic work and commercial projects of young, up-and-coming photographers from both Italy and around the world. It represents a key informational tool for many photography professionals, including gallery owners, art directors, photographers and simple photography lovers.