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The winners of the special section "Artistic Performances" of 4th edition of Arte Laguna Prize selected by President of the Jury Igor Zanti, Viviana Siviero, Alessandro Trabucco, they performed during the Vernissage event on 6th March in Venice with an exceptional feedback from the public, more than 2000 people. The four winning teams are: L' Epimeteide, MRK, Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser and the Teatro dei Dis-Occupati

 Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser

Kyrham and Julius Kaiser presented the performance "Obsolescence of Gender", an exhibition combining body art to philosophical concepts of queer theory of Judith Butler and was selected among the thirty best performances of the world in the 2008 event IDke. The Performance tackles the issue involving the stereotypical distinction between the sexes, presenting a vision of great emotional impact.

The exhibition of MRK is based on the theme of transformation, development through metamorphosis. The story has grown thanks to video technology vjing, a method that allows you to edit in real-time images and mix them during projection, resulting - as in jazz - to whole pieces of improvisation, which interact and intersect with the performance of dance.

 L' Epimeteide

The performers of The Epimeteide presented an exhibition on the history of Rome and Italy, played in a symbolic manner through the mythical story of Romulus and Remus. Within this synthesis flows ideally the entire national history, from the founding of Rome until the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of national unity.
 Il Teatro dei Dis-Occupati

The Group Theater of the dis-employment, there is also "family theater" and performs with the performance "locked up", a show with a chair and a dreamy trapeze, which tells subtly ironic the story of a man and a woman who trovatisi together in strange circumstances, they can eventually share a "normal" life.