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5th Edition

5 Arte Laguna Prize


Organization Arte Laguna
Cultural AssociationMoCa

Head of State Medal, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Veneto Region,

European Institute of Design

Sections of the Prize

Painting, Sculpture, Photographic Art, Video Art, Performance

Institutional Jury Chiara Barbieri, Rossella Bertolazzi, Monika Burian, Gianfranco Maraniello, Luca Panaro, Ludovico Pratesi, Maja Skerbot, Valentina Tanni, Matteo Zauli, Kristian Jarmuschek, Igor Zanti
Institutional Prizes

Painting: 5,000 €
Sculpture: 5,000 €
Photographic Art
: 5,000 €
Video Art: 5,000 €
Performance: 5,000 €

Special Prizes

Special Prize Artist in Residence (Glass School Abate Zanetti,

Claudio Buziol Foundation, Carlo Zauli Museum, Art Stays)

Special Prize "Tina B."

Special Prize "Open Arte Communication"

Special Prize "Press"

Personal exhibitions in a network of 34 art galleries

Business For Art Prize Special Prize "ReiL"
Collective Exhibition Arsenale of Venice
from 12th to 22nd March 2011

180 finalist artists


Painting: Miazbrothers
Sculpture: Daniele Geminiani
Photographic Art: Lottie Davies
Video Art: Iocose

Performance: La Badini Collettivo perforante