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Finalist Exhibition

Finalist Exhibition

12th march, 2011 – 6 p.m., Inauguration
13th - 22nd March,2011

Main Exhibition
Nappe Arsenale, Venice

The main exhibition exposed the artworks of 110 artists coming from all over the world and divided into 5 sections: painting, sculpture and installation, photographic art, video art and performance.

Under 25 Exhibition
Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research, Venice

A collective exhibition dedicated to younger artists, to whom a special section were dedicated.


Section Painting: Eva Armental (UK);Juancho Arregui (Spain);Stefano Bolcato (Italy);Maurizio Bongiovanni (Germany); Chung Yan Iris Chan (China); Andrea Ciresola (Italy); Eugenia Cuéllar (Spain); Ilaria Del Monte (Italy); Domenico Dell’Osso (Italy); Florence Di Benedetto (Italy); Emilia Faro (Italy); Gabriele Grones (Italy); Harrison (Chile); Laura Karetzky (USA); Hui Min Liu (Taiwan); Andrea Martinucci (Italy); Joan Mateu (Spain); Arianna Matta (Italy); Francis Matthews (Ireland); Wlodzimierz Mazanka (Poland); Miazbrothers (Italy); Nadav Naor (Israel); Min Hee Noh (South Korea); Natan Pernick (Israel); Sara Rossi (Italy); Tina Sgrò (Italy); Pino Spadavecchia (Italy); Sonia Stanyard (UK); John Westmark (USA); Jiali Yu (China).

Section Photographic Art: Ivano Adversi (Italy); Antonello&Montesi (Switzerland / Italy); Laurent Elie Badessi (France); Eleonora Bertani (Italy); Franco Borrelli (Italy); Patrizia Burra (Italy); Patty Carroll (USA); Giorgina Castiglioni (Italy); Ana Beatriz Cea (Argentina); Lottie Davies (UK); Marco Di Lauro (Italy); Francesca Es (Italy); Tommaso Fiscaletti (Italy); Sara Giannatempo (Italy); Ferit Kuyas (Turkey); Chan Kwok Hung (China); Jason Mena (USA); Andre Mulas (Indonesia); Alexandros Mykoniatis (Greece); Monika Nguyen (Austria); Lior Patel (Israel); Giovanni Presutti (Italy); Jacopo Gospel Quaggia (Italy); Davide Rossi (Italy); Rosa Maria Ruehling (Germany); Alessandro Sicco (Italy); Constantinos Taliotis (Cyprus); Vincenzo Todaro (Italy); Andrea Valsecchi (Italy); Wassily Zittel (Russia).

Section Sculpture and Installation: Corrado Abate (Italy); Pasquale Altieri (Italy); Edoardo Aruta (Italy); Habib Asal (Jordan); Carlos Betancourt (Puerto Rico); Edoardo Callegari (Italy); Stefano Canto (Italy); Sebastiàn Contreras (Argentina); Valentina Curandi and Nathaniel Katz (Italy / Canada); De Vecchi / Iera / Paulon (Italy); Sabine Delafon (France); Panos Dimitropoulos (Greece); Paolo Fumagalli (Switzerland); Daniele Geminiani (Italy); Alberto Gianfreda (Italy); Barbad Golshiri (Iran); Claudio Greco (Italy); Marco Guerrazzi (Italy); Jesus Jimenez (México); Simone Longaretti (Italy); Monia Marchionni (Italy); Koko Noguchi (Japan); Pamela Pazmiño (Ecuador); Mattia Schievene (Italy); Shendra Stucki (Australia); Lee Sun-Don (Taiwan); Kwok Hin Tang (China); Dario Tironi (Italy); Matteo Davide Valenti (Italy); Daniele Veronesi (Italy).

Section Performance: Marinela Asavoaie (Romania); Filippo Berta (Italy); Agnès Butet (France); Francesca Fini (Italy); JocJonJosch (UK); Maja Kirovska (Macedonia); La Badini Collettivo (Italy); Myownoscar (Italy); Ina Nikolic (Bosnia-Herzegovina); Setsuko (Japan).

Special Selection Under 25: Alice Olimpia Attanasio (Italy); Mariantonietta Bagliato (Italy); Adam Barfi (Iran); Andrea Bruschi (Italy); Rodrigo Dada (Costa Rica); Golnar Dashti (Iran); Giulia Nuti (France); Chuan Jiang Tom (China); Alena Zhandarova (Russia).


12th - 27th March 2011