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  IL GAZZETTINO is the North East newspaper since 1887. it is the eight Italian daily newspaper for diffusion and the largest of Triveneto. it consists of two backs: one national, the same for all editions, and one local (Venice, Treviso, Padula, Belluno, Rovigo, Vicenza-Bassano, Friuli, Pordenone).
  Exibart.tv is the latest news of Exibart, a new piece of the wide media platform for the visual arts. The service is a Web TV, a television channel that is accessible from Internet in high definition. A tool easy to use, accessible and visible from any place at any time. The weekly schedule includes several programmes dedicated to art and contemporary culture: on Exibart.tv are published reports on events and exhibitions, conferences, interviews with artists, critics and curators, but also works from Italian and international video artists and performance happening.
Exploiting the web potentials and focusing on skills and expertise gained through years of work, Exibart.tv allows an increasingly public to enter into the art world in a direct and engaging way.
  ArtKey / Teknemedia Started in 2001, it is a TeKnemedia communications network's project created for the art and for the  contemporary creativity system and it aims to promote artistic activities in Italy. In this aim the redaction is working for seven years, refining the file platform accessible through various forms of services.
Thanks to the Italian and English versions, TeKnemedia reaches a wide national audience but also the international one. In the 2007 the TeKnemedia.net – ArtKey magazine started its pubblication, a free bi-monthly contemporary art magazine and the first collectible free press.
Core of TeKnemedia.net is represented by the Art Agenda: thanks to the Italian and English versions, collects and gives information about exhibitions and artists from all over Italy, offering a cultural offer's complete monitoring. Thanks to Art Agenda it was developed also the online newspaper of TK, an in-depth and in real time calendar about the most important exhibitions in Italy.
  ! - Innov(e)tion Valley Magazine is the magazine that gives voice to a specific area, the Northeast of Italy, the world ceativity center, the area with the highest density of innovation and creativity, where lives together Palladio as well as Diesel , the Biennale as Bisazza, the Guggenheim as well Dainese.
The name! is an exclamation point emphasizing the surprise and amazement of a territory, the Innovetion Valley, characterized by high progettual and creative tension in architecture as well as in fashion field, in art as in design and in research. A magazine that focuses on contemporary culture as well on the business, through its own and autonomous codes, but self-aware and international for telling the local world with a global language.
A magazine with a young and lively editing which takes the risk of producing any graphics, photographs, and text material, and that is aimed to communicate to local and international public through a bilingual magazine. To represent the voice of the creative industry in the Northeast, the Northeast and the world.
  INSIDE ART is a monthly arts and culture magazine edited by Guido Talarico Editore SpA. Judged among the most comprehensive and creative among the Italian cultural magazine (in 2005 won the Grand Prix as the most innovative product of the year). InsideArt has take the quality, the innovation and the support new generations of artists as its main features. Inside Art has a central editorial office in Rome and a large group of collaborators all over the country and in major foreign capitals. Although it is a popular and service magazine, Inside Art has quickly established itself in professionals and keen for art persons for the accuracy and quality information produced and especially for the independence and authority of judgement.
  GENTE DI FOTOGRAFIA is a quarterly magazine of photographic and image culture distributed in Italy. The magazine starts its publication on June in 1994, it was created from the need to deepen the theoretical discourse, the photographic medium and to make known the work of new talent in photography. In every issue, special space is devoted to black and white images, the photographic market and the international photographic publishing.
  TUTTI FOTOGRAFI, born in 1970, this magazine is the market leader in Italy. It gives space to news of the market by providing suggestions for the choice of cameras, lenses, printers and all that can be useful in photography. The magazine publishes extensive articles on photographic practice, explaining the various shooting techniques and providing tips to get better images. A significant space is devoted to interviews with professionals and to their images, to approach their skills and professional experience.
  ZOOM, founded in 1980 and distributed in all the world, this magazine is an international publication dedicated to the full spectrum of the photographic image: portraiture, landscape, fashion, documentary, fine art and digital images. In addition to photographers of world renown, it also offers the artistic work and commercial projects of young, up-and-coming photographers from both Italy and around the world. It represents a key informational tool for many photography professionals, including gallery owners, art directors, photographers and simple photography lovers.
  ANTIKDEKOR (www.antikas.com) was launched in 1988 by Antik A.S. It is an antiques, art and decoration magazine. I every issue AntikDekor publishes the news regarding the important auctions, art and antiques fairs worldwide. With richly illustrated and academically proven essays written by scholars, the secrets of the world’s masterpieces in every field of art revealed. AntikDekor is distributed bimonthly with a readership of over 15.000 individuals. It serves as a bridge between the readers, the scholars, dealers, decorators, collectors and museums in Turkey. It is aimed primarily at readers highly interested in art and travelling a lot all around the world. AntikDekor is the best way to follow the Turkish art market as well.
ARTAM GLOBAL ART magazine was launched in September 2009. It is free of charge supplement of ANTIKDEKOR magazine. ARTAM GLOBAL ART covers only modern and contemporay art news, exhibitions, auctions, biennales, academically proven essays, interviews with emerging and established artists and famous collectors
  REVOLUTIONART is an international magazine about graphic design, visual arts and lifestyle It’s a bimonthly publication aimed mainly at graphic artists and is considered one of the most influential worldwide. Each edition, with more than 70.000 readers, is commanded by a matter of global concern in which artists from all around the world express theirselves, among them known photographers, international designers and illustrators, but also famous models and music bands.
    Established in early 2007, TAIWAN CONTEMPORARY ART LINK is an association constituted by four galleries – Galerie Grand Siècle, Aki Gallery and Dynasty Art Gallery and Der-Horng Art Gallery, all featuring young and promising Taiwanese artists. With the belief that unity makes stronger power, the establishment of TCAL hopes to create a platform for the international marketing of Taiwanese contemporary art. The corporation among the galleries also allows them to have greater visibility while presenting emerging Taiwanese artists in international art fairs. For example, Young Art Taipei 2009, 2010, ART.FAIR.21and DiVA Paris, etc. Moreover, TCAL integrates commercial spaces with academic resource, and it also brings Taiwanese galleries in association with major galleries in Asia, Europe, and the United States.Through the frequent conversation with international organizations, TCAL thus introduces more and more talented Taiwanese artists to the world stage.
    LOBODILATTICE.COM is a liquid project that revolutionizes and changes over time. Changes in shape because it is the contemporary looks itself living while it lives.
WebMagazine of contemporary art and culture. News, Interviews, Columns. Showcase of the most exciting emerging artists, protagonists of today. Laboratory of criticism and free thought, by the best writers of nowadays, art critics, curators, journalists, gallery owners, protagonists of today.
Social aggregator of blog focused on art and culture, on new trends and design, on style and fashion. And free blog hosting. A unique network of its kind, protagonist of today.
Eyes on the territory, on people and creative lives that animate the city.
Lobodilattice is all that but also other, trends and innovation, constantly evolving.
    VIDEOARTWORLD is a unique organization strongly focused on establishing the value of Technology-based Art and its historical significance. It is responsible for developing conferences, exhibitions, online resources, publications, specialized fairs, festivals and symposiums in diverse countries, bringing together a great number of renowned artists, critics, curators, collectors, dealers and other professionals in the field of technology-based art.
  ACTUPHOTO.COM is a web magazine dedicated to photography. Since actuphoto launch in 1998, it has become one of the most important photography news medium in France that’s why the most recognized curators rely on it to cover their photography events. actuphoto.com website gets around 10 000 visitors daily and will be soon launched in spanish, english, german and italian.