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Finalists Exbitions

Finalist Exhibition

17th March, 2012 – 6 p.m., Inauguration
18th March – 1st April, 2012

Main Exhibition
Nappe Arsenale, Venice

110 artworks of painting, sculpture and installation, photographic art, video art and performance were exhibited. The artworks were selected by an international jury headed by the curator Igor Zanti.

Under 25 Exhibition
Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research, Venice

A collective exhibition dedicated to the younger artists. 15 artworks were exhibited in a high-visibility location in the heart of Venice.


Section Painting: Fabio Adani (Italy), Li Xiao Yan & Lin Boli (China), Andras Calamandrei (Switzerland), Xiwen Chen (China), Gregory Decock (France), Enzo Distinto (Italy), Matteo Fato (Italy), Cristina Gardumi (Italy), Beatrice Gelli (Italy), Walter Giordano (Italy), Elena Giustozzi (Italy), Inguna Gremzde (Latvia), Michael Hirschbichler (Austria), Patrìcia Jagicza (Hungary), Gaia Lionello (Italy), Baojun Liu (Taiwan), Elisa Maccioni (Italy), Manuel Fernando Mancera Martinez (Spain), Elena Mantovani (Italy), Nir Mazliah (Israel), Hui Har Ong (Singapore), Anna Pont Armengol (Spain), Jessica Rimondi (Italy), Michael Rotondi (Italy), Giovanni Saldì (Italy), Kenjiro Shimizu (Japan), Krzysztof Turlewicz (Poland), Ming-Ren Wang (Taiwan), Guangchen Xue (China), Jianquing Ye (China).

Section Photographic Art: Jacqueline Aeberhard (Switzerland), Meral Aǧar (Turkey), Furuta Akihiro (Japan), Greg Allum (UK), Valeria Anzolin (Italy), Aniello Barone (Italy), Rosanna Borgo (Italy), Verena Brandt (Germany), CETROBO (France), José Luis De la Parra (Spain), Claudio Gobbi (Italy), Dina Goldstein (Israel), Faraz Habiballahian (Iran), Frank Herholdt (South Africa), Jiménez Jesùs (Mexico), Soyoun Kim (Korea), Penny Klepuszewska (UK), Sebastien Koegler (France), Alexandre Maubert (France), Lorenzo Mini (Italy), Francesco Minucci (Italy), J. Ramon Moreno (Spain), Andreas Nestl (Italy), Fabiano Parisi (Italy), Laìs Pontes (Brazil), Giovanni Presutti (Italy), Luciano Romano (Italy), Noga Shtainer (Israel), Simon Thorpe (Zambia), Schumann Torsten (Germany).

Section Sculpture and Installation: Joëlle Allet (Switzerland), Altrosguardo (Italy), Margarida Alves (Portugal), Maddalena Ambrosio (Italy), Abdullah Alrozi (Palestine), Philippe Bataille (France), Simone Bubbico (Italy), Paul Chisholm (UK), Francesco Del Conte (Italy), Valentina De' Mathà (Italy), DeVecchi/Iera/Paulon (Italy), Hannah Honeywill (UK), Ingrid Hora (Italy and German), Kumiko Kato (Japan), Amale Freiha Khlat (Lebanon), Taebeom Kim (Japan), La luna al guinzaglio//Il Salone dei rifiutati (Italy), Muñoz Leire (Spain), Antoanetta Marinov (Italy), Marta Masternak (Poland), Birgit Østergaard (Denmark), Ri Ren (China), Rui Sasaki (China), Kohshi Shimada (Japan), Jiwan Noah Singh (USA), Donatella Spaziani (Italy), Toru Takeuchi (Japan), Tina Ting Zhang e Ling Xia Luo (China), Lia Wei Qiang Zhang (China) ZimmerFrei (Italy).

Section Performance: Mara Cassiani (Italy), Christina Georgiou (Cyprus), minimum (Italy), Elena Tagliapietra (Italy), Stefano Tosoni - woozoo (Italy).

Sezione Video Arte: Andrea "Ebro" Barbarossa (Italy), Luis Bezeta (Spain), Stefano Cozzi (Italy), Kevin Gaffney & Sally-Anne Kelly (Ireland), Pieter Geenen (Belgium), Haleh Jamali (Iran), Shahar Marcus (Israel), Margherita Premuroso (Italy), Claudio Rivetti (Italy), Wenhua Shi (China).

Section Virtual and Digital Art: Alan Bigelow (USA), Anni Garza (Mexico), Noah Pedrini (UK), Gianfranco Pulitano (Italy), Amelia Zhang (China).

Special Selection Under 25: Setareh Azmoodeh (Iran - sculpture), Valerio Balzano (Italy - sculpture), Isotta Bellomunno (Italy - sculpture), Candace Couse (Canada - sculpture ), Simon Cowell (Australia - painting), Alisia Cruciani (Italy - photography), Cyryl Zakrzewski (Poland - sculpture), DiegoKoi (Italy - painting), Julia Frank (Italy - sculpture), Joey L (Canada - photography), Patricia March (Spain - painting), Tommaso Mori (Italy - virtual art), Giulia Panfili (Italy - painting), Andrea Pugiotto (Italy - photography), Murat Sayginer (Turkey - photography).


17th March - 1st April 2012