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Art Residencies

Artistic Foundry Battaglia | Milan

Fonderia Artistica Battaglia


The candidacy requires a project which will be requested at the end of the entries period.

International Art Residency
in Milan for 1 month for 1 artist

The residency includes:
- accommodation
- grant
- assistance
- final open day

Apply now >

Milan, Italy

Founded in 1913 by three partners - Ercole Battaglia (former chief of Necchi foundry), Giulio Pogliani (moulder) and Riccardo Frigerio (chiseler) - “Fonderia Battaglia, Pogliani e Frigerio” has always been one of the main Italian artistic foundries.
Since then, in the course of an agitated century, a number of bronze works have been created and are created every day by craftsmen through the ancient tradition of art casting, that is always tightly bound to the history of the protagonists of the time. In the Foundry some sculptures by Lucio Fontana, Marino Marini, Alik Cavaliere, Giacomo Manzù, Floriano Bodini, Francesco Messina, Alighiero and Boetti, Giuseppe Penone, Giò and Arnaldo Pomodoro among others have been created.
The process of creating bronze sculptures, little known by most people, goes from the realization of the model in wax, that is the exact copy of the sculptor's model, to the bronze casting that will make the finished sculpture.
The space of the foundry is a real workshop of about 1,500 square metres, subdivided into departments according to the stages of processing the material: it is a work place where every day about twenty artisan casters practice a silent and handmade art, that is extremely precious.
For 100 years (and still today!) in Battaglia culture and technique have melted, in the Reinassance warmth of furnaces and in the sounds of a material that eternally comes alive.


Roger RigorthRoger Rigorth
(Saanen, Switzerland)

Winners at 10th edition
Residency period:
May/June 2016
Iavor LubomirovIavor Lubomirov
(Sofia, Bulgaria)

Winners at 9th edition
Residency period:
May 2015

Photogallery >
Eracle DartizioEracle Dartizio
(Milan, Italy)

Winners at 8th edition
Residency period:
June 2014

Photogallery >