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Art Residencies

Norimberga ARTresidency | Nuremberg

in collaboration with the Department of International Relations

Since 1991 the Department of International Relations coordinates the city’s international contacts. It manages economic, cultural and administrative projects, and is responsible for the organization of Nuremberg’s twin city partnerships.
Since the Middle Ages, Nuremberg has been an internationally focused city – settled by craftsmen and artists from all over the world, where Nuremberg merchants sold their products throughout Europe. After the Second World War, Nuremberg strove to participate in foreign affairs as a contribution to international understanding and European unity. Nuremberg dealt with the intensely complex issues surrounding its associations with the terrors of the Third Reich. The city now instigates activities for the progression of human rights, and continuously helps spread awareness and cultural understanding.

The collaboration between the Department of International Relations of the city of Nuremberg and the Arte Laguna Prize was born in June 2013 and it includes an exchange between Venetian and German artists
The space for the artist's studio will be inside the castle of Almoshof used by the city as a cultural center for music concerts, art exhibitions and meetings.


Tania MarinoTania Marino
(Essen, Germany)

Residency period:
May 2014

Photogallery >
Tania Marino
Tania Marino
Tania Marino