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Artist in Gallery

Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art | Tel Aviv

Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art


Personal exhibition
for 1 artist at the Gallery in Tel Aviv, including:

- setting up
- grand of 500 euro
- realization of a digital catalogue
- final exhibition
- vernissage

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Tel Aviv, Israel

Chelouche Gallery is one of the most prominent and leading galleries in Israel. Located in Tel Aviv, Chelouche Gallery maintains its primacy presenting a large variety of work, ranging from new media to video art, sculpture, painting, installation and photography. Since its inception, the gallery promotes an international and local exhibition program in collaboration with curators and artists from Israel and abroad, placing itself one step ahead in the Israeli contemporary art scene. Chelouche Gallery is the home for both emerging and established Israeli artists such as Miki Kratsman, Nir Evron and Nadav Weissman alongside international artists such as Peter Greenaway, Melanie Manchot and William Kentridge.

Established by Nira Itzhaki in 1985, Chelouche Gallery is located in the historic "Twin House" of 7 Mazeh Street, one of the most beautiful historical building of Tel Aviv right at the heart of the city.

The Gallery extends upon four floors (600 sq) offering a variety of exhibition spaces as well as the 'Chelouche Salon' on the top floor which hosts cultural activities and a branch of Tola'at Sfarim “Bookworm” a bookstore-café placed on the ground floor.

With an outstanding presence in the international art scene, Chelouche Gallery has collaborated with a vast number of established curators and artists both in Israel and abroad and actively participates in international exhibitions, Art Fairs and biennials.


Ching-Hui ChouChing-Hui Chou
(Taipei, Taiwan)

Winner at 11th edition
Exhibition period:
to be defined