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Artist in Residence

Berengo Foundation | Murano

Fondazione Berengo


To participate you have to enter the Arte Laguna Prize with at least two works in the same section and you will receive an email with the instructions to submit your application for the Berengo Foundation.

International Art Residency
in Murano for 10 days for 1 artist

The residency includes:
- accommodation
- studio
- basic materials
- realization of a new work with the master glassmakers
- final exhibition

Apply now >

Murano, Italy

The Berengo Foundation was established by Adriano Berengo who recognized the importance of keeping the centuries-old craft of glassmaking in Venice alive. By translating the language of craft to that one of contemporary art, he created a way to enter into the world of glassmaking and preserve the knowledge, skills and traditions of the Murano master glassmakers.
The Berengo Foundation invites artists, both established and emerging, to work in Murano with the master glassmakers and presents the works during Glasstress, a collateral event in the Venice Biennale of Art that has been held in Palazzo Franchetti since 2009. Glasstress showcases this collaboration between contemporary artists and the craftsmen of Murano and in this way helps assure the future of the craft of glass making.
The Foundation has also established an exhibition space in Murano as a second venue for Glasstress and as a permanent home for glass works of contemporary art.
The Foundation also sponsors a residency and internship programs to provide a significant educational opportunity for students and contemporary artists to experiment in the craft of glass.


Fabio TassoFabio Tasso
(Savona, Italy)

Winners at 11th edition
Residency period:
to be defined
na-young hanNa-Young Han
(Seoul, Korea)

Winners at 10th edition
Residency period:
June 2016