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Artist in Residence

SALVADORI ARTE - Artistic Foundry | Pistoia Italy

SALVADORI ARTE - Artistic Foundry


International Art Residency
in Pistoia Tuscany di 20 days for 1 artist

The residency includes:
- accommodation
- realization of the project
- opening

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Pistoia Tuscany, Italy

The artistic foundry Salvadori Arte is located in Pistoia, Tuscany, and has been operating since 1964. The company produces works of art in bronze and other metals, with the technique of lost wax, operating in a 700 sqm indoor space and 600 sqm outdoor space. Salvadori Arte is the last heir of the great metallurgical tradition of Pistoia, dating back to the eleventh century, and reaching its highest splendor in the early decades of the twentieth century.
It creates works for major Italian and international sculptors, including Roberto Barni, Luigi Ontani, Claudio Parmiggiani, Mario Merz, Steven Cox, Jorio Vivarelli, Igor Mitoraj, Mark Kostabi, Ilya Kabakov, Leonid Sokov, Grisha Bruskin, Umberto Mastroianni, Pericle Fazzini, Domenico Paladino, Daniel Spoerri, Fabio De Poli, Robert Morris, Bino Bini, Fernando Botero, Franco Fossi, Edoardo Bruno, Mario Ceroli, Pawel Althamer, Alexander Kosoloapov, Gustavo Aceves among others.
Some of its castings are housed in the most famous museums and art collections in the world, as well as in countless squares and gardens of art towns.

It entails the coating a support of refractory earth in wax, which will be modeled afterwards; then an additional earth layer is applied on the wax, which is thus trapped inside the two masses.
By strongly heating the casing thus obtained, the wax melts and overflows from specific vents.
In the thin gap left by the wax, usually a few millimeters thick, the liquid alloy is poured, which by cooling and hardening, produces the fusion. When the fusion is complete, the sculpture is liberated from the different external castings and its surfaces are refined and polished.
Finally, through various oxidations and heat treatments, the desired patina is given to bronze.
The Zeus in Athens, the horses of Saint Mark’s in Venice, the Marco Aurelio in Rome’s Campidoglio, and the great sculptures of the Renaissance, were made using this very technique, which, over time, has hardly been amended.


Paul FunckenPaul Funcken
(Schaesberg, The Netherlands)

Winners at 11th edition
Residency period:
to be defined