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15 years of Arte Laguna Prize

October 9, 2020

In this article we will tell you how Arte Laguna Prize was born and how it has evolved in 15 years.

It is difficult to summarize such a long and intense time in a small space, but we will present the most important steps.

Let's start from the beginning, with two girls, Laura Gallon e Beatrice Susa (who passed away in May 2017) with the dream of giving new life to contemporary art, discovering new artists and creating new events. To realize their dream, they created the Cultural Association MoCA which now includes over 200 members among which there are entrepreneurs, professionals, collectors and art lovers. With the Cultural Association MoCA, Laura and Beatrice started also theirs most important project, Arte Laguna Prize.

Laura e Beatrice a Venezia

The competition has grown year by year thanks to the network that includes professionals from all over the world: at each edition new opportunities for the artists are realized thanks to the collaboration with international galleries, art residencies, companies and high profile jurors coming from the best art institutions and with the greatest experience. This network of people collaborates with the same goal: to give visibility to new proposals and act as an engine for the professional growth of the artists and to help artists get noticed in new countries.

Another important aspect in the development of the competition is the openness to new ideas and the attention to the changes taking place in the art field that have led Arte Laguna Prize to include new artistic sections every year: starting from painting, photography and sculpture, video art was then added, going on with performance and digital graphics, as well as land and urban art that have allowed artists to present incredible projects created in the most unexpected places such as deserts, snowy landscapes or in the middle of the sea. Furthermore, digital art could not be missing with its virtual realities, 3D installations and software applications and then cartoon and design.

What certainly makes Arte Laguna Prize unique is the location. Beatrice Susa was Venetian, she deeply loved her city and knew that hosting the exhibition in that magical place would increase the value of each artwork. But not only Venice, the most important discovery was the Arsenale Nord, a place that at the time still needed to be renovated and was closed for most of the year.

The Arte Laguna Prize exhibitions have paved the way for the Arsenale Nord to flourish and become an important hub for various events. Now, in addition to the exhibition of the Arte Laguna Prize finalists, MoCA also realizes personal exhibitions and collateral events such as the exhibition of the Vietnamese artist Henry Le which will open on March 13, 2021 in a space adjacent to the main exhibition, and other exhibition spaces of this area are still available and waiting for new proposals.

We cannot fail to mention the important Arte Laguna World platform that was created last year to give visibility to all artists, to allow them to have an up-to-date portfolio and to be contacted by art lovers and collectors. We believe that art, in all its expressions, is always important. That is why even if the jury does not select a piece, it will still be published in the Arte Laguna World portal.

The latest novelty of the 15th edition, is theAdvisory Council, the "honorary committee", supporting the jury, made up of prominent personalities from different fields and sharing a profound experience in the field of art globally.

With the application to Arte Laguna Prize, artists become part of this world and the opportunities that may arise do not only concern the edition for which they are participating, but can arise at any time.