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Chiara Santoro | GLO'ART Residency


Artist: Chiara Santoro
Location: GLO'Art, Lanaken, Belgium


May 31st 2019

At GLO’ART art center in Lanaken, Belgium, Chiara Santoro lives her first experience of art residency and finds inspiration to create a new series of digital graphic works

To create her works Chiara needs only her tablet, an outlet and obviously ideas, ideas that she was able to develop in a stimulating space like the one she found in Lanaken where she was hosted as the winner of the special prize "Glo'Art residency", one of the opportunities offered by the 13th Arte Laguna Prize.

At the end of her experience Chiara writes us “I would like to thank Arte Laguna Prize for giving me the chance to take part to the selections for “Artist in Residence” and GLO’ART for choosing me, investing in me and my skills” telling us that at GLO’ART “I was able to express myself freely, to work in a wonderful environment, inspired by the location, where nature is the setting of the many installations and paintings made by all the artists who where in residence here until now. I lived with people from all over the world, artists with whom I shared this adventure. Despite the existence of different realities, habits and backgrounds, each of us has created a beautiful bond with others thanks to what really united us, without distinction, the common focus: art.”

In the two weeks of residence Chiara Santoro created five works of digital graphics in which the female figures act as a common thread and are immersed in a daily context animated by a visionary and surreal world.

Chiara Santoro's works start from a general idea and develop through the construction of several overlapping layers and the final definition of the details. In each work coexist, in a cohesive way in the digital space, an external environment and an internal environment through a game of sharp contrasts that mixes real and atypical objects, existing scenarios and imagined elements animated by a lively and pop texture.

Chiara SantoroChiara Santoro

Chiara Santoro is an Italian self-made artist, born in 1989 in Turin, Italy. At the beginning of her artistic career she experimented with different forms of expression to be able to find the one in which she could feel the most fulfilled, digital graphics. Since 2013 she has established herself as a digital artist through the development of a new, personal and unconventional creative method that includes images made only of pixels and a lot of imagination. As a creative tool, Chiara Santoro uses only her tablet to be able to feel free to start new projects at any time and in any place. She works by structuring her personal visions of the world on the screen, always experimenting with new styles but maintaining a common thread in every work. Chiara's artistic research is essentially based on the harmony of shapes and colors, on the immanence that lies behind each project. The meaning of each work is intrinsic but can still be interpreted based on the eyes of the beholder. It is the experiences of each individual that create synergy with what is represented, viewers themselves reconnect the elements placed within the work because, as Chiara says There are always two artists: the who creates and the one who perceives.