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Double Art Residency for Fabio Tasso

Fabio TassoFabio Tasso

It's not the first time that during the Arte Laguna Prize an artist gets selected by two different scientific commitees from the Special Prizes section and, in this case, wins two of the art residencies included in the 2016/2017 contest.

Fabio Tasso (Savona, Italy) wins the chance to create his own project using Murano glass with the Berengo Foundation and the opportunity to work on an art project with the San Francisco Art Residency .

The young and talented artist on being selected:

“ Firstly I got the call from San Francisco: I was so shocked that I said I would think about it. Obviously after less than an hour I called back to accept. After a few days I got the second call, telling me about the Berengo Foundation. I couldn't believe it! .”

The Berengo Foundation è stata fondata da Adriano Berengo, was established by Adriano Berengo, who recognized the importance of keeping alive the tradition of glass production in Venice, a fascinating material for which the lagoon city is worldwide famous.
During his residency Fabio Tasso could not only learn the traditional techniques of glass processing but he was also able to create some new sculptures along with the Murano glassmakers.

" Having the chance to think about sculpture through the use of glass was undoubtedly a very important step for my artistic research. My work has always been about the contrast between full and empty. I chose to work with transparent glass, the crystal type, because it absorbs and reflects the images of the objects surrounding it. It is probably the most empty material for sculptures. Thanks to this residency I could witness, observe and learn in a very stimulating studio, where I could learn a lot not only from the incredibly talented glassmakers but also from all the different people that work there ".

In September 2017, after the conclusion of the residency at the Berengo Foundation of Murano (Venice),the sculptor had to pack his bags once again to fly to San Francisco. Hosted by The Growlery and with access to the machines and equipments of the TechShop Fabio concludes his stay with a final exhibition and a talk about his work, taking place at the Pacific Felt Factory .

" The San Francisco Art Residency is a unique opportunity. You have the chance to work in a studio with unlimited possibilities, in a wonderful city, surrounded by extremly interesting people. The Arte Laguna prize is a truly international event: taking part to it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was a great opportunity to meet a lot of different artists from all over the world. Thanks to the Artists in Residence program I was able to experience something that would have been impossible otherwise. I could get to know some institutions I would love to work with again in the future ".

For Fabio Tasso the experience in San Francisco has been very exciting not only from an artistic point of view but also from a human point of view, as we can read in his online journal:

" After more than 20 days everything has become normal. Nothing surprises me anymore. The bus drivers recognize me and every time make some comments on the new materials I am carrying.".

The 29th of September the artist will talk about his experience and present his work Reverse Negative to Positive to the pubblic from 7 to 9 pm at the Pacific Felt Factory.

Pacific Felt Factory is the art complex where Fabio Tasso was able to work in the studio made available by Constantine Zatlev, the artist who was a finalist in the 2013 Arte Laguna Prize and decided to share his creative spaces with other artists. This is what makes the Arte Laguna Prize one of a kind: new connections, willingness to work together, passion and love for art and sharing.

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