The Exhibition

The Arte Laguna Prize is exhibiting 125 works from around the world, the finalists of the eleventh edition of the contest, which give us a glimpse into the current state of international contemporary art.
The exhibition is curated by Igor Zanti with the collaboration of ten international jurors who assessed and selected all the applicants who entered the contest between September and December 2016: Flavio Arensi, Tamara Chalabi, Paolo Colombo, Suad Garayeva, Ilaria Gianni, Emanuele Montibeller, Salvador Nadales, Fatos Ustek, Alma Zevi and Nav Haq.
The exhibition is in two prestigious spaces in Venice, the main one in the industrial space of the Arsenale and the other one in the heart of the city near Rialto.

Main Exhibition
Nappe Arsenale Nord, Venice

Water-bus, 5.2 line, Celestia stop
GPS Coordinates: N 45°43'83833" - E 12°35'305" (Street View)

25th March, 6 pm, Inauguration (free entrance)
26th March - 9th April 2017
Every day from 10 am to 6 pm
Free entrance

The Arsenale hosts 30 paintings, 30 sculptures and installations, 30 works of photographic art, 10 videos, 10 land art projects and 5 performances that will be staged live during the opening night.

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Virtual and Digital Art exhibition
TIM Future Centre, Venice

Water-bus line 2 Rialto stop
GPS Coordinates: N 45°43'6768" - E 12°33'6094" (Street View)

26th March - 9th April 2017
Every day from 10 am to 6 pm
Free entrance

An exhibition featuring artistic expression through new technologies: 5 works of virtual art and 5 works of digital graphics make use of computers, tablets, applications and devices to give us a new understanding of art.

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Events Calendar

  • Saturday 25th March, 6 pm
    Opening and Awards Ceremony

    Free entrance
    Nappe Arsenale, Venice
  • The exhibition of the 11th Arte Laguna Prize opens to the public, showing the 125 finalist artists' artworks. The evening sees the announcement of the winners and the awarding of the special prizes.
  • Free cocktail

  • Sunday 26th March, 11 am
    Guided tour of the Main Exhibition

    Free entrance
    Nappe Arsenale, Venice
  • The Prize curator Igor Zanti guides the viewers through the works on display, focusing on some issues addressed by the artists and on the different creative expressions they imagined.
  • Free coffee
  • Sunday 26th March, 3 pm
    Guided tour of the Virtual Art and Digital Graphics Exhibition

    Free entrance
    TIM Future Centre, Venice
  • A tour with the curator Igor Zanti explains the meaning of the works created entirely with the computer and shows how the public can interact with them.

Finalist Artists


Camila Alvite (Brazil)
Evita Andújar (Spain)
Enrico Azzolini (Italy)
Francesco Beretta (Italy)
Paola Maria Caenazzo (Italy)
Anna Caruso (Italy)
Daniel Chavez (United States of America)
Xiaowei Chen (China)
Matthew James Collins (United States of America)
Massimo Dalla Pola (Italy)
Jingge Dong (China)
Elena Iliankova (Russia)
Vineta Kaulaca (Latvia)
Nicholas Kulkarni (United Kingdom)
Sanja Milenkovic (Italy)
Mario Gianni Domenico Minutolo (Italy)
Floriana Mitchell (Italy)
Nushka (France)
Silvia Pagano (Italy)
Zoi Pappa (Greece)
Elías Peña Salvador (Spain)
Stefano Rauzi (Italy)
Géza Ricz (Hungary)
Pablo Santibañez Servat (Chile)
Viktoria Savenkova (Belarus)
Zakir Hussain Shaikh (India)
Marion Six (France)
Monika Supe (Germany)
Sio Takahashi (Japan)
Xiaodong Zhang (China)

Land Art

Manuela Lopera Aguelo (Colombia)
Hwang Ail (South Korea)
Gilles Brusset (France)
Jana Cruder (United States)
Yi Cui (China)
Cristian Gil Gil (Spain)
Maria Grazia Rosin (Italy)
Karen Macher Nesta (Peru)
Aaron McDonald (United States)
Branko Stanojevic (Serbia)

Photographic Art

Richard Ansett (United Kingdom)
Uldus Bakhtiozina (Russia)
Gregoire Cachemaille (Switzerland)
Daniele Cascone (Italy)
María Gabriela Chirinos (Venezuela)
Ching-Hui Chou (Taiwan)
Sara Ciuffetta (Italy)
Robyn Day (United States of America)
José Luis de la Parra Pérez (Spain)
Alexander Dumarey (Belgium)
Céline Flammang (Luxembourg)
Fabio Gambina (Italy)
Juri Gottschall (Germany)
Rebecca Rose Harris (United Kingdom)
Nathalie Hartog-Gautier (Australia)
Danijel Kober (Bosnia)
Silvana Maldonado Foitzick (Chile)
Martin Manukyan/TUMO Center for Creative Technologies (Armenia)
Francesca Mirone (Italy)
Ana Opalic (Croatia)
Joan Osato (United States of America)
Emilio Pemjean Muñoz (Chile)
Hassan J. Richter (Germany)
Cristina Riesgo (Spain)
Emanuele Sartori (Italy)
Wolfgang Stahl (Germany)
Claudio Stefanoni (Italy)
Patrizia Turchetti (Italy)
Inge van Heerde (The Netherlands)
Alimzhan Zhorobaev (Kyrgyzstan)


Eleana Alexandrou (Cyprus)
Fred Farrow (United Kingdom)
Yixiao Shao (China)
Eliza Soroga (Greece)
Amy Steel (United Kingdom)

Sculpture and Installation

Phil Akashi (Belgium)
Deidre Argyle (United States)
Marco Barotti (Italy)
Elena Bertuzzi & Laure Chatrefou (Italy, France)
Pola Bluu (Poland)
Christopher Boha (Canada)
Jen Bowmast (New Zealand)
Hugo Brazão (Portugal)
Adrienne Cameron (Australia)
Débora Mabel Caro Reyes (Chile)
Alin Florin Carpen (Romania)
Tadao Cern (Lithuania)
Liz Collins (United States)
Louis-Philippe Demers (Canada)
Hagar Elazari (Israel)
Diana Lobo (Brazil)
Izabela Maciejewska (Poland)
Aris Marakis (Italy)
Gustavo Martini (Brazil)
Maria Giovanna Morelli (Italy)
Noriko Obara (Japan)
Silvana Pestana (Peru)
Sheyda Porter (Turkey)
Selina Reiterer (Austria 1985)
Gabriel Rico (Mexico)
Stefano Seraglio (Italy)
Zhou Tengxiao (China)
Antonio Vecchio (Italy)
Antonio Vigo (Spain)
Chantal Zakari (Turkey)

Digital Graphics

Alessandra Dieffe (Italy)
Amy Helminiak (United States)
Masahiro Ito (Japan)
Miguel Montaner (Spain)
nerosunero (Italy)

Video Art

Veronika Adaskova (Czech Republic)
Elena Bellantoni (Italy)
Charif Khalil & Marcos Bonisson (Brazil)
Silvia Giambrone (Italy)
Tim Gregory (Australia)
Nadia & Laila Hotait (Spain)
Kid Orbino (Germany)
Marcus Shahar (Israel)
Gary Setzer (United States)
Ben Stevenson (United Kingdom)

Virtual and Digital Art

Jia-Ying Chou, Johnson Liew, Sheng-Chieh Wang, Jie-Jun Zhu; Prof.Pey-Chwen Lin, Prof.Chia-Hsiang Lee (Taiwan)
Jenny Filipetti (United States)
Hiroki Kobayashi (Japan)
Genya Krikova (Russia)
Ku.Mon. Studio: Wen-Wei Chang, Chia-Hsiang Lee, Yuan-Yuan Tzou, Hao-Chen Yen, Qi-Xing Zheng (Taiwan)

Special Selections

OPEN: Stefano Bressani (Italy)
Art Nova 100: Xie Kun (China)
Basu Foundation: Satish Gupta (India)




Past editions


Arte Laguna Prize
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