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Special Prize Exbitions


  Special Prize Personal Exhibition
Location: ZAION Gallery
Winner Artist: Jaspal Birdi
Open Day: Saturday 30th November 2013, 6 pm
Art Director: Zaira Beretta

On Saturday November 30th, DIOPTRIC PARADOX, the personal exhibition of Jaspal Birdi, opens. The artist was selected by ZAION Gallery in Biella, as the winner of the Special Prize Personal Exhibition at the 7th Arte Laguna Prize. The exhibition will be on view until January 17th.

01.12.2013 - 17.01.2014

Jaspal Birdi is a young Canadian South Asian Artist born and raised in the multicultural city of Toronto. Inspired through the colourful communities and environments she has lived in, her works reflect challenges between ideas of the traditional and unconventional in daily living.
Using oil paint as her main medium of expression, Jaspal Birdi reproduces dialogues based on intuition and irregular similarities in realism and abstraction.
Therefore, questioning the physicality of our realities and the value of time as it shapes our understanding of the space we live.
Graduated from OCAD University’s 2010 Fine Arts: Drawing & Painting Program, Jaspal Birdi has received many awards in recognition for her talents, most recently participating as a finalist in the 7th Annual Arte Laguna Prize for Painting. Her works have been featured in publications such as Zoomers Magazine Canada, Corriere Della Sera Firenze, and online IO Donna.

Dioptric Paradox
Dioptric Paradox is a narrative series in which I play with digital panoramic photographs captured from reality then reproduced and restored with painted interruptions simulating cognitive realities. Using oil paint’s loose, chromatic, and photo realistic qualities versus the rigid, realistic, and thinly collaged digital photos, I create a contrasting dialogue questioning what is real in our vulnerable world dictated by various abstract notions.

Exhibition scheme
Location: Galleria ZAION, Biella
Dates: 1st December 2013 – 17th January 2014
Opening event: Saturday 30th November 2013, 6 pm
Art Director: Zaira Beretta

Public information
ZAION Gallery
Ex Lanificio Pria, Salita di Riva 3 – 31900 Biella (Italy)
Tel. 380-5140212
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