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Special Prize Exbitions


  Special Prize Personal Exhibition
Location: Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon
Winner Artist: Sérgio Costa
Open Day: Thursday May 15, 7pm
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On Thursday May 15 Sérgio Costa’s solo show, opens. The artist was selected by Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporânea in Lisbon, as the winner of the Special Prize "Artist in Gallery" at the 8th Arte Laguna Prize. The exhibition will be on view until June 04.

15.05.2014 - 04.06.2014

Arte Laguna Prize and Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporânea are proud to present Strata, a solo show by Sérgio Costa following the 8th edition of Arte Laguna Prize.
The personal exhibition Strata originates from the collaboration between Arte Laguna Prize and Carlos Carvalho Gallery, which has selected Sérgio Costa as the winner of the Special Prize "Artist in Gallery".

With the 8th edition, Arte Laguna Prize has inaugurated "Artist in Gallery", a new model of collaboration with galleries: no longer 20 as in the previous editions, but 4 carefully selected and exclusively international galleries. The galleries have the opportunity to view a large array of artistic proposals selected by an international jury, composed of ten experts in contemporary art, directors of Museums and Foundations, independent curators and art critics. The jury of the 8th edition comprised Igor Zanti, Enrico Bettinello, Silvia Ferri de Lazara, Victoria Lu, Domenico Quaranta, Veeranganakumari Solanki, Miguel Amado, Sabrina Van Der Ley, Andrea Viliani, Jonathan Watkins and Claudia Zanfi. The four galleries that are partners of the prize can now exhibit the artists they selected.

The first of the four exhibitions planned for 2014 is the one with the gallery Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporânea in Lisbon. The exhibition will be enhanced by a catalog published by Musaeum aimed at collecting the achievements of this first collaboration.

The word “strata” was taken from the terminology of geology in order to title the latest series of works by Sérgio Costa. This term is used to describe the composition and properties of subsoil matter, by considering elements such as color and texture, which is similar to the analysis of the artwork. Stratigraphy analyzes what is different in deposition layers throughout history and the consequent succession of strata. This relationship with stratigraphy aims to show in this series of works how art is a means of mapping knowledge about the world, as happens in stratigraphy: for the artist artworks are cultural traces condensed in layers that allow us to learn about the past.

SÉRGIO COSTA (Mozambique, 1969) Lives and works in Lisbon - Portugal Bachelor degree in Painting at Fine Arts University of Lisbon. AIAS - International Association of Independent Art and Design Schools - Workshop: “Techno – Cultures in Art”, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, in 2005. Master dissertation in Visual Arts – Intermedia: “Landscape as operative concept and cultural paradigm”, Évora University, 2007.

Exhibition scheme
Location: Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporânea
Opening event: Thursday May 15, 7pm
Dates: 15.05.2014 - 04.06.2014

Public information
Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporânea
Rua Joly Braga Santos, Lote F - R/c 1600 - 123 Lisbon Portugal
Tel. +351 217 261 831
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