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Special Prize Exbitions



Special Prize Artist in Residence
Location: Artistic Foundry Battaglia, Milan
Winner Artist: Eracle Dartizio
Open Day: Wednesday, July 2nd, 6 pm

Artistic Foundry Battaglia will open on Wednesday, July 2nd, the exhibition "Puddles, Horizon" by Eracle Dartizio, winner of the Art Residency at the foundry under the 8th Arte Laguna Prize.

03.07.2014 - 23.07.2014 by appointment


“ From Lino don’t steal the plaster.
Elisa is the way home, Camilla is very kind, Andreas manages to get a smile.
The atmosphere In Battaglia Artistic Foundry is ancient, forgotten. Knowledge, experience, Art, humility. Toto and Tommy are the chisel pirates. Mario is right. George doesn't speak so much Italian but he always says "Great!".
Wax, plaster, soil, dust. The Foundry is a hundred years old soul.
Kaled is quitting smoking but he’s quiet, Nico drives the forklift as Ayrton Senna and Luigi sees in my sculptures some desserts from Puglia which I don’t remember the name.
I work wearing white T-shirts, I’m nicknamed "the pastry chef".
I prefer salty, but you can’t object to nicknames.
Rather than a story about an experience, these few words want to be a thank to the experience. Thank to every master craftsman who has devoted his time to me and thank to the kindness that portrays every person I met in Foundry.
“We fight stupidity with obstinate precision" - The Doctor.”

E.D. (June ’14)

Photogallery work in progress >>>
More info about the residency >>>

Exhibition scheme
Location: Artistic Foundry Battaglia Via Stilicone 10, 20154 Milan
Opening event: Wednesday, July 2nd, 6 pm
Dates: 03.07.2014 - 23.07.2014 by appointment

Public information
Artistic Foundry Battaglia
T. +39 02 341071
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