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Special Prize Exbitions



Special Prize Artist in Residence
Location: Zentrifuge, Nuremberg
Winner Artist: Tania Marino
Open Day: Friday, July 11th, 7 pm

After the one-month residency in the town of Nuremberg, Venetian artist Tania Marino exhibits her works, from Friday July 11th, in the exhibition "Look for me". The exhibit is hosted by Zentrifuge space located at Auf AEG, formerly an industrial plant. Tania Marino is the winner of the Special Prize "Artist in Residence" at the 8th Arte Laguna Prize.

CERCAMI (Look for me)
12/07/2014 - 26/07/2014


Tania Marino was born in Germany on 23/04/1980.
She settled in Italy with her family at age 10.
She attended the Art School in Treviso.
Over the years, she has never given up painting and experimenting, but at first she did not feel ready to show her art in public.
In 2012 she started to participate in the first international art contests and her expressive language was immediately noticed by critics.
The first work she presented was "Cow" at the international prize Arte Mondadori, where she was selected among the top 40 artists worthy of merit.
Subsequently she entered the international prize Arte Laguna where she won the special prize "Nuremberg Artist in Residence".
The award led her to spend one month in a personal artist's studio in the city of Nuremberg with a final show at Almoshof castle and a following exhibition at the contemporary art gallery Zentrifuge in Nuremberg.

Tania uses all sorts of techniques, often acrylic and enamel, but it is just a medium to express her needs.
Every year thousands of products are manufactured, advertised, stored in shelves and grabbed by unaware consumers. Thousands and thousands of pieces, each year, for each continent, for each country. She needs a break from world's confusion. In many of their artworks the title's letters are hidden among other images, and she asks the viewer to help her look for what she cannot remember. Her artworks are mysterious: often we do not realize what the mind is capable of capturing.

Zentrifuge >>>
More info about the residency >>>

Exhibition name: Cercami (Look for me)
Opening: July 11, 7:00 pm
Exhibition dates: 12/07/2014 - 26/07/2014
Closing reception: July 26, 3 pm - 6 pm
Hours: Thurs-Fri 5 pm - 8 pm, Sat 3 pm - 6 pm