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Special Prize Exhibitions



Special Prize Artist in Residence
Location: Artistic Foundry Battaglia, Milan
Winner Artist: Iavor Lubomirov
Open Day: Friday, 12th June, 6 pm

Artistic Foundry Battaglia will open on Friday, 12th June, the exhibition "Ailish" by Iavor Lubomirov, winner of the Art Residency at the foundry under the 9th Arte Laguna Prize.

12 June - 17 July 2015 by appointment

AILISH by Iavor Lubomirov

“Ailish” is a reincarnation of a body of work I began in 2006 and which then appeared in several physical stages over the following years.  The overarching idea is that of capturing real movement in time using methods which directly apply contemporary philoshophies of digital representation.
The source material for all the works that have led up to “Ailish” is a film of a one minute improvised movement by two dance students.  For Battaglia, I isolated a seven second movement by one of the dancers, in which she performs just off balance between the shape of time and of space.  In my studio I recreated her movement accross 162 frames of video using foamboard. The resulting object was in turn was transformed, through an intense and magical process, into bronze at Battaglia.

Iavor Lubomirov was born 1978 in Bulgaria and lives and works in London, UK. He is an internationally exhibited artist and curator. 
Iavor won the first prize of the Residency Project in the Battaglia Fine Art Foundry for the Arte Laguna Prize.


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Exhibition scheme
Location: Artistic Foundry Battaglia Via Stilicone 10, 20154 Milan
Opening event: Friday, 12th June, 6 pm
Dates: 12 June - 17 July 2015 by appointment

Public information
Artistic Foundry Battaglia
T. +39 02 341071
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