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Special Prize Exhibitions



Artists: Benjamin Grosser
Location: Galerie Charlot

Opening: 27th November at 6pm
Mostra: 28th November - 12th December 2015
Adress:  47 rue Charlot, 75003 Paris


Galerie Charlot in Paris inaugurates the personal exhibition of Benjamin Grosser, winner of the "Artist in Gallery" prize of the 9th Arte Laguna Prize. The gallery chose him among the artists of the last contest's edition.

The American artist exhibits for the first time in France with the solo show "Systems Under Liberty" curated by Valentina Peri.
The exhibition is an investigation about
France’s new surveillance laws. In July 2015, a controversial Intelligence act has been voted despite recent revelations about the NSA spying on senior French officials. The «black boxes» that are being installed on the servers of French ISP will allow «software bots» to monitor the Internet traffic of any users who happen to be qualified as «potentially dangerous subjects».
The artist analyses Surveillance, «Man-Machine» and «Machine-Machine» interactions, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data creating interactive experiences, machines and systems that explore the cultural, social and political implications of software.
His ironic approach elicits an effect of detachment, which alerts users to some of their automatisms about the new technology.

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