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Special Prize Exhibitions



Artists: Alexander Egorov, Mariangela Marra, Pierfranco Argentiero
Location: Serigrafia Fallani Venezia

Presentation: 5th November at 6pm
Adress: Cannaregio 4875, 30121 Venice


Artistic Serigraphy Fallani Venezia hosted in residency the artists that were selected during the 9th Arte Laguna Prize: Pierfranco Argentiero, Mariangela Marra and Alexander Egorov.

The screen printing studio was born in the earth of Venice during the 35th Art Biennale in 1970 to host 26 artists of different nationalities. Since then its activity has never stopped and the Serigraphy continues today to transmit and teach how to create a screen printing work.The process starts with the original painting given to a "master printer or atelier" who will make hand-drawn positives produced for each color in the original painting. The next step is the proofing of the cut silkscreens by the atelier and then sent to the artist for approval. The artist makes the necessary adjustments to the proofs and then the edition is ready for the application of paint. The paint will be applied to a cotton-woven paper and hand-pulled one sheet and one color at a time by the atelier. After all the layers of colored paint are applied, the serigraphs are then set to dry.

Each artist has led his way to create into the studio: starting from the dreamlike almost fairytale dimension of the Russian painter Alexander Egorov and coming through the isolated characters of the photographer Pierfranco Argentiero to reach the realism of Mariangela Marra's images and installations. This art has been able to adapt to the most different styles.

More info about the artists:
Alexander Egorov:http://www.alexegorov.com/
Pierfranco Argentiero: http://www.pierfrancoargentiero.it/
Mariangela Marra: https://www.facebook.com/mariangela.marra.90

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