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Special Prize Exhibitions



Artist: Na-Young Han
Location: Berengo Foundation, Murano Venice


Today, July 1st 2016, the artist Na-Young Hang has accomplished his period of residency at Berengo Studio 1989 furnace in Murano, Venice. Berengo Foundation selected the artist during the 10th Arte Laguna Prize and hosted her in residence for one month.

The Berengo Foundation was established by Adriano Berengo who recognized the importance of keeping the centuries-old craft of glassmaking in Venice alive. By translating the language of craft to that one of contemporary art, he created a way to enter into the world of glassmaking and preserve the knowledge, skills and traditions of the Murano master glassmakers.

During the period of residency the artist had the opportunity to work with the Studio highly skilled glass maestros, Silvano Signoretto and Andrea Salvagno, learning more about Murano glass and its unique realization process. From this experience the work "Propose" was born, an artwork made of two different images harmonized into one with soft and tender curve line . The two pieces that compose the work represent a man who is blunt and assertive and a woman who is considerate and talkative, but together they make a single perfectly harmonized sound.

More info about the artists:
Na-Young Han: http://hannayoung.net/

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