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Special Prize Exhibitions



Artist: Nriko Obara
Location: Ptuj City Library, Slovenia

Opening: 14th July, at 7pm
Art Stays Festival: 7th - 15th July 2017


The artist Noriko Obara exhibits her work Book Worm during the 15. Art Stays Festival. This opportunity steams from the collaboration beetween Arte Laguna Prize and Art Stays which has selected Noriko as the winners of the Special Prize Festivals and Exhibitions.

Art Stays is the most important festival of contemporary art in Slovenia, it takes place in Ptuj, the oldest city of the country, and fulfills the squares and buildings of the center with works of top artists creating in a variety of media: painting, sculpturing, photography, installations, video, performance and music. The 15th edition, entitled NATUR-AL(L), focuses on the nature and its safeguard. Noriko Obara is invited to realize a site-specific installation, on these theme, at Ptuj City Library.

"I will investigate local insects and via them represent the local environment in the library space. Insects are extremely sensitive to their living environment and transforme into various forms adapted to their given environments. For this reason we can know the nature of the environment in certain areas by its inhabiting insects. Solvenia's forest, which covers 60% of its land mass is rich in diverse insect life and is renown as a bee keeping area. It is from these things that I drew inspiration for the piece Book Worm", says the artist.

Artist: Noriko Obara
Title of the work: Book Worm
Opening: July 14th, at 7 pm
Location: Ptuj City Library, Slovenia

The Festival is open from 7th to 15th July and exhibitions are open until September 5th.

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