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Artist: Maria Fernanda Guzmán
Location: Library of Ptuj, Slovenia

Open Studio and Artist Talk : 9 July 2018
Festival: 6-13 July 2018


From the 6th to the 13th of July 2018 Art Stays Contemporary Art Festival opens over 30 events dedicated to more than 60 international artists in 10 different locations in the city of Ptuj, Slovenia. The exhibitions will be open for free until the 9th of September.

Thanks to the partnership established by the Cultural Association MoCA with Art Stays, since 2010 every year an artist from Arte Laguna Prize has the chance to participate in this international event. The festival brought international works in Slovenia for the first time, becoming an important reference point for the circulation of ideas, experts in the field and lovers of contemporary art.

This year the winning artist is Maria Fernanda Guzmán (Quilpué Cile, 1981) who, as a guest of Art Stays, will spend a period of 7 days in Ptuj in order to create a site-specific installation in the historic Library of the city, which is part of the Pokrajinski muzej Ptuj – Ormož. For the 13th edition of the festival, titled “Fragile”, Maria Fernanda proposes a large environmental installation made entirely of raw ceramic. A work with 200 Kg of clay that recreates the texture of a large hand-woven cotton fabric; the apparent fragility of the work intersects with a series of small colored ceramic pieces.

The work develops as part of Maria Fernanda Guzmán's artistic research. Starting from ordinary objects, such as a chair or a piece of furniture, she covers a part of it with a fabric made of ceramics to transform objects and spaces, making them undergo a metamorphosis and unveiling their most intriguing part.

ART STAYS FESTIVAL from 6th to 13th July 2018 at Ptuj, Slovenia.

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