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ART. 1 - Goals
ART. 2 - Techniques
ART. 3 - Jury
ART. 4 - Prizes
ART. 5 - Conditions of participation
ART. 6 - Selection Process
ART. 7 - Responsibilities
ART. 8 - Agreement

Arte Laguna srl, in partnership with the Cultural Association MoCA, organizes the 15th Edition of the International Arte Laguna Prize, aimed at promoting and enhancing contemporary art.
The Prize obtained a medal from the President of the Italian Republic, and it is organized annually with the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea, the Veneto Region, the Municipality of Venice, Ca' Foscari University of Venice, the European Institute of Design.
The contest features the awarding of cash prizes, the participation in the collective exhibition at the Arsenale of Venice, collaborations with art galleries, collaborations with companies, art residencies, inclusion into the web portal Arte Laguna World.

The Prize is open to all Artists and Designers, with no restrictions of age, gender, nationality or any other qualifications. Each artist can participate by submitting a portfolio of works. Artworks may have been previously exhibited. The theme is free. Below are the techniques admitted to the compatition and the maximum dimensions to be respected:
works made with technical and stylistic freedom (oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolor, graphite, pencil, collage, aquatint, etching and prints of different kind, etc.) on any support (canvas, paper, wood, plastics, iron, etc.). The maximum size allowed is 175 cm per side.
Sculpture and Installation
works created with any organic or inorganic material,which may include sounds, lights, videos and mechanical or electrical movements. The maximum size allowed is: base 4 meters, depth 4 meters, height 8 meters and there is no weight limit. The exhibition space does not have dark spaces.
Photographic Art
photographs or series of photographs on analog or digital support, color or black and white photographs. The maximum size allowed is 175 cm per side.
Video Art and Short films
videos, films, video installations, slow motion, time-lapse photography or works made with animation techniques on any digital or analog support, cinematographic, promotional, or graphic computer short films. Maximum duration: 15 minutes. The video file must be uploaded online and not exceed 500 mb..
performances made by one or more artists, using any technique, expressive form and support materials provided by the artist. Finalist artists will perform live during the opening night or during the following days, in a version which does not exceed 10 minutes.
Digital Art
works entirely created by using the computer or digital applications and devices: installations or performances in which the use of digital media plays a key role in the creative process and content; net art, software, interactive devices, videogames, augmented reality and virtual art projects, rapid prototyping, etc. Works featuring an installation will have to be adaptable to the exhibition space available.
Digital Graphics and Cartoon
images and works generated or edited using a computer, tablet, smarthphone, or applications including works of digital painting, gifs and photographs, where the technological intervention is predominant. Works of digital painting, cartoon and comics, gifs and photographs where manipulation is predominant are included. Finalist works will be set up on a monitor or printed on a two-dimensional support with a maximum size 175 cm per side.
Environmental / Land Art
works or projects of environmental and land art in which the artistic intervention interacts with the environment it has been created for. There is no restrictions on the choice of the specific environment. The submitted works and projects submitted relate to nature and its features and more in general to the environment or the landscape in which they are placed. The finalist works will be exhibited with explicative panels.
Urban Art and Street Art
works or projects of urban art and enhancement, street art, graffiti and stencil art, in which the artistic intervention interacts with the urban area and the public space it has been conceived for, using any technique (spray paint, artistic stickers, stencils, projections, videos, installations, etc.). There is no restrictions concerning the artistic intervention site. The finalist works will be exhibited with explicative panels.
Art Design
Productions that are born in the artistic field and then find their application in the world of design. Works, products, projects in which the artistic influence and inspiration are clear. Finalist designers will have to present the product or a full-scale prototype or a scale model of their project based on the set-up choices by the organization.

The submitted works will be evaluated by an international jury who will select the finalist artists and designers that will exhibit at the Arsenale of Venice from March 13th to April 5th and will award the three overall winners.

The contest includes the following prizes:

3 cash pizes of 10.000 € each
Artists must keep a copy of the payment. The entry fee is not refundable. If you need the invoice please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
*By law, on all the money prizes a withholding of 25% will be required.

Free publication on the web portal artelaguna.world
Each artist can freely publish his artworks on the on-line international portal Arte Laguna World, online platform with the aim to foster the dissemination and promotion of contemporary art.

Critical text of the President of the Jury
The three works awarded with the cash prizes will receive a critical text from the jury president.

The Special Prizes are made in collaboration with high-level international partners who will each choose a winner to offer new career opportunities and visibility to the participating artists. The Special Prizes include collaborations with art galleries, art residencies, collaboration with companies, participation in art festivals.

The participation to the Special Prizes is free of charge for all the artists who pre-applied or will apply to the 15th Arte Laguna Prize. All the details on how to participate will be published in the full version of the Terms and Condition in September 2020.

The finalist artists selected by the international jury will participate in the major collective exhibition which will take place in Venice, at the Arsenale Nord, from March 13th to April 5th. The exhibition will include also the finalist artworks of the 14th edition.
All the finalist works, including those awarded with the cash prizes, remain the property of the artists.

To apply to the competition it’s necessary to login to artelaguna.world web portal and create the private profile.
The pre-application entitles you to an up to 50% discount on the registration fee to be paid by August 31, 2020. The works to be applied can be uploaded or edited even after this date, until November 27th.

On-line application >

Pre-application entry fees*

  • 40 € + 22% vat (48.80 €) for artists under 35
  • 60 € + 22% vat (73,20 €) for artists over 35

The fee allows the applicant to submit 5 works also in different sections; each additional work, following the 5th, costs 20 € + 22% vat (24,40 €).

*These entry fees are valid until August 31st 2020

The payment of the entry fee can be made by using:

  • On-line by credit card
    Automatic connection at the end of the application. It includes also payments with virtual pos, paypal, alypay and wechat.
  • Bank transfer
    IBAN: IT77A0538761800000002950941 - BIC / BC NR / SWIFT: BPMOIT22XXX - addressed to Arte Laguna srl, with the reason “Application Prize 20.21 - name, surname and telephone number of the artist”.
    We do not accept any transfer fee charges, on penalty of the cancellation of your registration.
We do not accept cheques.

The jurors will evaluate the works by taking into consideration the international contemporary art features and according to qualitative criteria as well as research and technical abilities. The jury can evaluate all the submitted material.
The selections results will be announced online on the website www.artelagunaprize.com
The proclamation of the overall winners and of all the prizes will take place during the opening of the finalist artists exhibition. The set-up and the organization of the exhibition will be done by Arte Laguna srl and the Italian Cultural association MoCA. Transportation (round trip) and possible artworks insurance costs will be at the expense of each artist.
The decisions of the Awarding Juries are irrevocable and unquestionable.

Arte Laguna srl and the Cultural Association MoCA, while guaranteeing the greatest care and custody of the works, will not be liable for any thefts, fires or any damages to the artworks or people that could occur during all the stages of the event. Any insurance request is the responsibility of the artists.

Arte Laguna srl and the Cultural Association MoCA reserve the right to modify these “Terms and Conditions”, if it is necessary.

The awarded artists have the right to renounce to the prizes, but without asking for any kind of compensation, in this case the prize will be re-assigned according to the ranking made by the jury. Each artist has the rights to the images and to the submitted works but gives to Arte Laguna srl and the Cultural Association MoCA, without any compensation, the rights of reproduction, exhibition, publication, translation and communication to the public, in any manner and without exception, for their works and for the texts participating in the selection. Each artist consents to the free publication of the images and texts in the online platform Arte Laguna World; however, artists can access the platform at any time and cancel their profile. Arte Laguna srl and the Cultural Association MoCA, while fully respecting the moral rights of the author, will exercise these rights for all institutional activities of communication concerning the competition. Each candidate gives to the Cultural Association MoCA, as well as to its direct representatives, the authorization to the treatment of personal data according to the privacy law and the European Regulation (GDPR 2016/679) and also for data entry into data banks managed by the subjects mentioned above and by third parties who pursue the same purposes.

Preview of the terms and conditions published on: June 1st 2020.

The full version will be available from September 1st.