Arte Laguna Prize’s ambassadors promote the activities of the competition in different countries of the world. They collaborate as art lovers, sensitive and attentive to cultural exchanges, to the dissemination of opportunities for artists in order to enhance international art and culture. They are also photographers, videomakers, storytellers and they are an important point of reference to get information on the application process, on the terms of participation and events in the native language of the country in which they operate.

Hongbin Zhang Ambassador Premio Arte Laguna

Hongbin Zhang, international art broker and editor for the overseas edition of Collection Magazine

He has been engaged in art exchanges for more than 20 years and has made significant contributions in promoting the exchange and cooperation between Chinese artists and overseas artists. At the same time, he also has outstanding performance in eliminating cultural barriers, eliminating language barriers, eliminating traditional differences, and promoting overseas arts to understand China and other cross-cultural communication. Since 2009, Chinese artists have participated in more important international art events, exhibitions, contests, and so on.

He has served as an international ambassador of the Florence Biennale and an ambassador for the ARC Salon competition. Art review articles are often published in the Bazaar Art, Collection, Art Business, and Library Art.

Anna Shvets Ambassador Premio Arte Laguna

Anna Shvets, art manager and CEO of TAtchers' ART Management

Anna Shvets is an art manager, an expert on trends in the world of art and CEO at TAtchers' ART Management. She believes that art can be a unique language that unites countries and continents, culture and science. Being an internationally recognised arts manager she actively cooperates with leading art institutions and artists working in different fields. She regularly contributes writing to art and business magazines. As an art educator, she gives online and offline lectures and talks in Europe and Americas. Her art research spans widely across contemporary art theory, a collaboration of art, science, business and new technologies, and focuses on the interaction of art and environmental humanities in exceptional places of our planet. After projects in Europe, Asia, deserts of Middle East and implementation of the Antarctic Biennale, she is currently working on Galapagos Art&Science expedition and for many years represents Arte Laguna Prize in Russia and CIS.


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