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Become Assistant

Become AssistantA backstage experience could be very interesting, do you want to live it with us?

From March 9th to April 17th, 2020 we will be at the Arsenale of Venice for the stages of set-up (9th-20th March), opening (21st March - 13th April) and dismantling (14th-17th April) of the 14th Edition of the contest finalist artists' exhibition.
Paintings, sculptures, installations, photos but especially artists will arrive from all over the world for this international event, that will involve collectors, curators and art lovers.

It is an educational, emotional and multicultural experience. Send us your candidacy!
You will live with us the inauguration evening and the award cerimony, savouring the artists' emotions and experiencing the behind the scenes.
It is covered: lunch during the working days and transport tickets in Venice (bought with the Venice Card).

Candidacy Form

The experience of the Young Assistants

I was a student of Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities and I decided to collaborate with the Cultural Association MoCA to learn and to contribute to the set-up of the famous Arte Laguna Prize.
As a visitor I didn't know the amount of work that such an event requires: the ideation stage, the organizational and communication stages and the preparation, with its physical effort, like the packaging transportation and the artworks set-up. It was a very rewarding experience, which allowed me to understand the backstage activity.
It was also a unique opportunity to collaborate with a team of professionals who were able to involve me and to make me feel part of the team in a completly new work situation.
Giulia BarigelliGiulia Barigelli

Arte Laguna Prize offers a truly unique opportunity to take the first steps in the art world, allowing you to experience the behind the scenes of one of the most important and renowned contemporary art competitions in the world.
I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to find out how an event like this is organized, from the setting up to the exciting opening night, spending unforgettable moments together with professionals of the art world, other art lovers and international artists.
An extraordinary initiative that gives you the chance to spend a few weeks surrounded by art in a unique setting, the wonderful Venice!
Valentina BigolinValentina Bigolin

Becoming an Assistant gave me the opportunity to get to know what is behind a great exhibition, from the ideational stage to the organizational and practical one.
It is an experience that allows you to get involved, to show your skills and to really learn what it means to organize and set up an exhibition.
It was a unique opportunity that I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn and discover the magic that hides behind the world of Contemporary Art!
Alice DebianchiAlice Debianchi

Keen to make art and its promotion my profession, I can say with certainty that I have lived an incredible experience. The backstage activity allowed me to deepen the different operational phases and the commitment involved in the organization of an exhibition.
Of course, like every job it was an activity that required a lot of commitment, but the physical tiredness was far exceeded by great satisfaction once the show opened.
I was lucky enough to work with a very stimulating team that immediately put me at ease amplifying my enthusiasm in what I did and I thank them for this opportunity.
Finally, the exhibition space was also very gratifying; the history and structure of the Arsenale are able to create a strong impact with the artworks on display, making the visit to the exhibition even more evocative.
Gloria SfoggiaGloria Sfoggia