Jury Press Award of the 7th Arte Laguna Prize

A special mention will be given to one of the finalists by the press jury. The jurors are:

Daniela Ambrosio   Daniela Ambrosio | FLASH ART
Daniela Ambrosio was born in Naples in 1981. After earning a degree in Art History, she participated in a Research Program in Film and Media Studies at Copenhagen University with a dissertation on “Neorealism and Dogma 95. Towards a Poetics of Reality in Cinema and Art". She collaborated with the nonprofit association Attivarte, Venice, a platform for the promotion of young artists, in collaboration with Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation and A+A Gallery – Slovenian Exhibition Center. She collaborated with gallery Impronte Contemporary Art – Lara Bulian Galley, following with interest the artists of former Soviet Union and Central Asia. She worked as a freelance for Arskey magazine and she has recently founded a publishing house specialized in noir literature. Since 2009 she has been working for Flash Art as a journalist and news editor.
Rosanna Gangemi  
Rosanna Gangemi | DROME magazine
Journalist, essaysit, translator, lecturer, she was the director of foxtv.it. She is among the authors of the volume “Mutamento sociale, diritti, parità di genere" (Led, 2004 – special mention at Amelia Rosselli Prize 2005), and of the biography of songwriter Salvatore Trimarchi (Armando Siciliano Editore, 2007), while for the Belgian publishing house La Muette she carried out the visual selection for the illustrated novel “Rehab" (2013). She combines the curating of exhibition projects with the editorial direction of the journal and portal DROME magazine, which thematically explores the complexity of contemporary scenarios. She investigates the continuous border trespassing among arts also by coordinating the creative studio Phlegmatics. Since 2012 she has been living in Bruxelles.

Helga Marsala

  Helga Marsala | ARTRIBUNE
Helga Marsala is a journalist, contemporary art critic and curator. Collaborator for many years of  trade magazines, she has worked for a long time as menaging editor for  Exibart.  Now she is a member of the direction's staff of Artribune, responsible of Artribune Television and of the editorial office in Sicily. She develops a theoretical analysis through essay and critical writings inside publications and catalogues of contemporary art and culture. In 2009, she has been administrator of the Archive SACS at Riso, Contemporary art museum of Sicily. She curates exhibition projects for public and private spaces in Italy, following the artistic development of Italian and international artists, specifically of the last generations. She collaborates as independent curator with Riso and with the Gam - Gallery of Modern art in Palermo.
Lidia Panzeri   Lidia Panzeri | IL GIORNALE DELL'ARTE
Art critic and journalist living in Venice, she writes for various newspapers and websites, especially for Il Gazzettino, Il Giornale dell'Architettura and Il Giornale dell'Arte. For the latter she edited the monographic issue presenting the 2011 Venice Biennale. In 2011 she edited the book “Mapping history. L'arte in dialogo", B+M Editions, a collection of interviews to institutional officers, directors of exhibitions and artists, which carries out a mapping of contemporary Venice in the last 5 years.
Francesca Pini  
Francesca Pini | Il Corriere della Sera
Francesca Pini, journalist of Corriere della Sera, writes about art and culture not only for the newspaper, but also for the weekly magazine, and the online version of Sette. Over the years she has interviewed several people including the Dalai Lama and the French philosopher Jean Guitton, with whom she wrote a book of dialogues on religion and contemporaneity published in France, Portugal and Italy (“L’infinito in fondo al cuore", Mondadori, 1998). She is the author and director of videos and documentaries aired on the French television channel Arte.
In March 2013 she is awarded the recognition "Arte Sostantivo Femminile".
Adriana Polveroni  
Adriana Polveroni | Exibart
She is a journalist and essayist. She worked in the group “L’Espresso" and collaborated with other newspapers including “Il Sole 24 Ore" e “L’Unità". Teaches Contemporary Museology at the Accademy of Brera in Milan and also in some Masters at Luiss and Ied in Rome. She worked on Environmental Art and Public Art, realizing the “Art and Landscape" entry for the Treccani Encyclopedia of XXI Century (2010). She has published This is Contemporary! How the museums of contemporary art changes (2007) and Lo Sboom. The decade of crazy art between financial bubble and conceptual flop (2009), other than numerous essays in anthologies and catalogues. In February 2012 she released her latest book, The pleasure of art. Practice and phenomenology of contemporary collecting in Italy, written with Marianna Agliottone. Since January 2012 is the director of “Exibart".
Alessandra Redaelli   Alessandra Redaelli | ARTE MONDADORI
She was born in Milan, she graduated in art criticism and she has been working as a professional journalist since 1989. She collaborated with various monthly magazines including, for a long time, Weekend Viaggi. Since 1995 she has constantly been collaborating with the monthly magazines Arte and Antiquariato of Cairo Editore. Besides being a journalist, she has been working as a curator for many years now.
Maurizio Zuccari   Maurizio Zuccari | INSIDE ART
Maurizio Zuccari is a journalist and writer. He has a degree in Political Science at La Sapienza University of Rome, with a specialization in Communication Science, and he wrote for Paese Sera, il Manifesto, Diario, Medioevo, Archeo, Ragionamenti di storia.
He conceived and directed the monthly magazine Cittànova and he is now the managing editor of the art magazines InsideArt and Sofà.