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Finalist Exhibition


March 22nd, 2014 - 6 p.m., Opening
Marzo 23rd - April 6th, 2014

Main Exhibition
Nappe Arsenale, Venice

Main Exhibition Venue, the Arsenale Novissimo hosts the 105 international artists selected for painting, sculpture and installation, photographic art, video art and performance categories.

Virtual and Digital Art Exhibition
Telecom Italia Future Centre, Venice

In collaboration with the Telecom Italia Future Centre, study centre focused on the implementation of projects for Smart Cities in the field of culture and turism.
Thanks to its purpose, this space is the ideal place to host the virtual art finalist artworks exhibition.

Under 25 Exhibition
Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research, Venice

The Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research of Venice offers visibility to young artists. It is a special selection particularly dedicated to Under25 artists', whose artworks have the opportunity of beeing exposed in the hearth of the lagoon city, in a strategic position where hundreds of visitors pass every day in their way to San Marco Square.


Section Painting: Katja Angeli (Denmark); Alfonso Beleño Contreras (Colombia); Flavio Biagi (Italy, San Pietro in Casale BO); Anna Bittersohl (Germany); Houssam Bokeili (Lebanon); Alessandro Calabrese (Italy, Battipaglia SA); Ana Calzavara (Brazil); Anna Caruso (Italy, Milan); Andrea Casciu (Italy, Sanluri, CA); Francesco Casolari (Italy, Bologna); Sérgio Costa (Mozambique); Bianca De Gier (The Netherlands); Wenxing Ding (China); Elodie Lemerle, (France); Angela Geary (United Kingdom); Mito Gegic (Slovenia); Karl Grausgruber (Austria); Wei He (China); Gerhard Hotter (Germany); Tien-Yu Hung (Taiwan); Mark Jameson (United Kingdom); Serge Mironov (Russia); Prince Negatif (Poland); Artur Przebindowski (Poland); Giulia Raponi (Italy, Rome); Regina Helou (Brazil); Johanna Strobel (Germany); Ira Upin (USA); Han Wang (China); Laurence Wood (United Kingdom).

Section Photographic Art: Andrea Alessio (Italy, Venice); Judi Altman (USA); Catherine Balet (France); Aldo Berardi (Italy, Cosenza); Len Bernstein (USA); Jean-Claude Bise (Switzerland); Dina Bova (Russia); Victoria Campillo (Spain); Alberto Cob (Spain); Daniele Corsini (Italy, Bologna); Linda de' Nobili (Italy, Pavia); Mariangela Della Notte (Italy, Pistoia); Antonio Di Canito (Italy, Monza); Marie Valerie Habsburg-Lothringen (Austria); Hajime Kimura (Japan); Henning Kreitel (Germany); Gevis Lekiqi (Albania); Mafe Garcia (Perú); Marco Marassi (Italy, Rome); Darrell Marriott (United Kingdom); May San Alberto (Spain); Henriette Mørdrup (Denmark); Federico Naef (Switzerland); Nola Ka (France); Takako Okada (Japan); Simona Poncia (Italy, Viterbo); Petr Rakhmanov (Russia); Falmouth Rose Anna (USA); Gabriela Torres Ruiz (Mexico); Jan Van Breugel (The Netherlands).

Section Sculpture and Installation: Vera Angelico (Brazil); Antonio Lima (Brazil); Francesco Ardini (Italy, Padua); Artus (Hungary); Josef Baier (Austria); Javier Balmaseda (Cuba); Kurt Baumann (Switzerland); Jaroslaw Bogucki (Poland); Pedro Bustamante (Spain); Elaine Byrne (Ireland); Roberto Cambi (Italy, Cassano Magnago VA); Marco Cervigni (Italiy, Carpi); Guilherme Cunha (Brazil); Christoph Faulhaber (Germany); Federica Ferri (Italy, Treviglio, BG); Heribert Friedl (Austria); Viktor Fuček (Slovakia); Barbara Guttman (Croatia); Ivana Hejdukova (Czech Republic); Gongsan Kim (Korea); Andrej Koruza (Slovenia); Max Coppeta (Italy, Sarno); Ralph Nauta and Gordijn Lonneke (United Kingdom - The Netherlands); Adam Niklewicz (Poland); Koko Noguchi (Japan); Kinga Ogorek (Poland); Ojas Michele Azzaro (Italy, Milan); Gianluca Quaglia (Italy, Magenta MI); Gloria Yip (Hong Kong); Farniyaz Zaker (Iran).

Section Performance: Katharina Ernst (Austria); Anna Jochymek (Poland); Matteo Maffesanti e Tiziana Bolfe Briaschi (Italy, Isola della Scala VR); Graziano Meneghin (Italy, Sacile, PN); RichterMeyerMarx (Germany).

Section Video Art: Apiyo Amolo (Kenya); Barbara Ceriani Basilico and Alessandro Mancassola (Italy, Saronno VA – Chiampo VI); Anupong Charoenmitr (Thailand); Volkan Kiziltunç (Turkey); Phira Kulthanakan (Thailand); Tamar Hirschfeld (Israel); Shahar Marcus (Israel); Philippos Kappa Athens (Greece); Jessie Stead (USA); Maria Zervos (Greece).

Section Virtual and Digital Art: Alessio Chierico (Italy, Perugia); Constant Dullaart (The Netherlands); Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion (France); Benjamin Grosser (USA); IOCOSE (Italy); Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos and Jean-Baptiste Michel (Greece - France); Inhye Lee (Korea); Bing-Hua Tsai (Taiwan).

Special Selection Under 25: Kristi Beisecker (USA); Pietro Biondo (Italy, Solofra AV); Martina Bovo (Italy, Rome); Da Eun Chung (Republic of Korea); Song Chung (Republic of Korea); Marco Corridoni (Italy, San Severino Marche MC); Eracle Dartizio (Italy, Vaprio d’Adda); Kana Doi (Japan); Olì Bonzanigo (Italy, Milan); Elías Peña Salvador (Madrid, Spain); Stefano Rauzi (Italy, Lecco); Francesco Romeo (Italy, Fucecchio FI); Youri Visser-Bénazeraf (France); Katarzyna Woźniak (Poland).

22nd March - 6th April 2014

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