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Finalist Artists

The international jury met and selected the finalist artists who will exhibit their works at the Arsenale of Venice from 25th March to 9th April 2017.

Photographic Art - final results
Land Art - final results
Video Art - final results
Virtual Art - final results
Digital Graphics - final results
Sculpture and Installation - final results
Performance - final results
Painting - final results

Photographic Art
Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Alimzhan Zhorobaaev (KG) - Namaz
Ansett Richard (GB) Tina
Antón Fernández Cristina (ES) - Diluted Frontiers
Bakhtiozina Uldus (RU) - Land of Escapism
Cachemaille Gregoire (DE) - Stadtbad #1
Cascone Daniele (IT) Ordered stack of bodies and stuff
Center for Creative Technologies TUMO (AM) - Gyumri
Chirinos Maria Gabriela (VE) - Waiting
Chou Ching-Hui (TW) - Animal Farm No.7
Ciuffetta Sara (IT) - Mi travesto da pietra 7
Day Robyn (US) - Wo/men (Eric, Coadie, Kristin), Wo/men (Ellie, Shay, Sandi), Wo/men (Asa, Rose, Angelica)
De la Parra Pérez José Luis (ES) - No title #25. Déplacée Project
Dumarey Alexander (BE) - Congregation
Flammang Céline (LU) - Croire/saVoir
Gambina Fabio (IT) - Interno siciliano
Gottschall Juri (DE) - Centro Commerciale 1, Centro Commerciale 2, Centro Commerciale 3
Harris Rebecca (GB) - A Portrait Of Grief
Hartog-Gautier Nathalie (AU) - Myriorama 1
Jörg Hassan J. Richter (DE) - Portrait
Kober Danijel (DE) Bellezza e povertà
Maldonado Foitzick Silvana (CL) - Humanoides 7. Año 2105
Mirone Francesca (IT) - #12_Spazi d'attesa
Opalic Ana-Antonija (HR) - Home, 2010.-2013
Osato Joan (US) - Oakland Local
Pemjean Muñoz Emilio (ES) - Palimpsest I. Alcázar de Madrid (Spain)
Sartori Emanuele (IT) - Untitled
Stahl Wolfgang (DE) - Drei Sekunden Marienplatz (für Emil), Subway, Olympia-Pool
Stefanoni Claudio (IT) - White Mayer
Turchetti Patrizia (IT) - Old Stuff
Van Heerde Inge (NL) - Magic tragic wood

Land Art
Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Ail Hwang (KR) - Leuchtturm (Lighthouse)
Jana Cruder & Matthew LaPenta (US) - Natural Plasticity
Cui Yi (CN) - Breeding Beds
Gil Gil Cristian (ES) - Concentració
Gilles Brusset (FR) - L'enfance du pli
Lopera Aguelo Manuela (CO) - Plastika
Macher Nesta Karen (PE) - Sea Sponges
McDonald Aaron (US) - Cloud Projections Lake Tahoe California
Rosin Maria Grazia (IT) - Merletto Frattale
Stanojevic Branko (RS) - Border

Video Art
Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Adaskova Veronika (CZ) - Dr. Jehad
Bellantoni elena (IT) - Struggle for Power: The Fox and the Wolf
Bonisson Marcos and Charif Khalil (BR) - Tupianas
Giambrone Silvia (IT) - August 6th, mon amour
Gregory Tim (AU) - Inside Out
Hotait Nadia & Laila (ES) - The Night between Ali and I
Marcus shahar (IL) - Homecoming artist (Dresden)
Setzer Gary (US) - Panderer (Seventeen Seconds)
Stevenson Ben (GB) - The Third Column

Virtual Art
Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Chou Jia-Ying (TW) - Notations
Filipetti Jenny (US) - Breath Vessels
Kobayashi Hiroki (JP) - Radioactive Live Soundscape
Krikova Genya (RU) - @Voyager_Mirror
Zheng Qi-Xing (TW) - Plant Plan

Digital Graphics
Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Di Francesco Alessandra (IT) - Ma Loutes
Helmniak Amy (US) - The majority just sat and watched.
Ito Masahiro (JP) - Negative Legacy - Communications Satellites -
Montaner Miguel (ES) - Memoirs
Sughi Mario (IT) - June 2016

Sculpture and Installation
Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Alin Florin Carpen (RO) - Uncertainty
Argyle Deidre (US) - It Is What It Was
Barotti Marco (IT) - Swans
Bertuzzi Elena (IT) - Le Labyrinthe du Debaa
Boha Christopher (CA) - In My Shoes
Bowmast Jen (NZ) - Poetics of Space
Brazão Hugo (PT) - The closer you look, the better we look
Cameron Adrienne (GB) - Journeyings- Part 1: Leaving home; Part 2: Portrait of a self, carried forward
Caro Reyes Débora (CL) - Dinámica familiar
Cerniauskas Tadas (LT) - Black Balloons
Chelmicka Paulina (PL) - BeforeNow
Collins Liz (US) - Collapse
Demers Louis-Philippe (CA) - The Blind Robot
Elazari Hagar (IL) - Arabesque LED
Gomes Martini Gustavo Adolfo (BR) - Here, a wall
Izabela Maciejewska (PL) - GHETTO XXI (Ghetto for Others)
Lobo Diana (BR) - Scape (Fuga)
Marakis Aris (IT) - ICOGLIPTO
Morelli Maria Giovanna (IT) - Absentia
Obara Noriko (JP) - Changing
Pestana Fedon Silvana (PE) - Extirpación de idolatrías
Phil Akashi (BE) - The Circle of Time
Porter Sheyda (GB) - Idea Generating Machine No.7
Reiterer Selina (AT) - sound rug
Rico Gabriel (MX) - Coca cola en las venas
Seraglio Stefano (IT) - "vaso e pietra che fermano il movimento di una palla nello spazio"
Tengxiao Zhou (CN) - Wave wall
Vecchio Antonio (IT) - L'Ingordigia
Vigo Pérez Antonio (ES) - Simples miradas
Zakari Chantal (TR) - Shelter in Plates

Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Alexandrou Eleana (CY) - In a nutshell
Farrow Fred (GB) - I wish I was Here
Shao Yixiao (CN) - 3 hours
Soroga Eliza (GR) - Women in Agony
Steel Amy (GB) - Lifeline

Surname Name (Nationality) - Title of the selected work
Alvite Camila (BR) - No Title
Andujar Escribano Eva Maria (ES) - Liquidi 1
Azzolini Enrico (IT) - Profunda vizago
Beretta Francesco (IT) - senza titolo (39x39 cm)
Caenazzo Paola Maria (IT) - Corridoio degli armadi
Caruso Anna (IT) - Avrei voluto più tempo
Chavez Daniel (US) - Portrait #1
Chen Xiaowei (CN) - Double Rainbow
Collins Matthew James (US) - Consolation of Philosophy
Dalla Pola Massimo (IT) - Mosca (Piazza Rossa)
Dong Jingge (CN) - Il suono del tempo 3
Iliankova Elena (RU) - Ботинки (Boots)
Kaulaca Vineta (LV) - SURFACE MEMORY-I
Kulkarni Nicholas (GB) - Untitled (blue)
Milenkovic Sanja (CS) - Waterfalls
Minutolo Mario Gianni Domenico (IT) - L'Incompiuto
Mitchell Floriana (IT) - Transmutation (to be earth)
Moreaux Fanny (FR) - Echo
Pagano Silvia (IT) - Vavaluci
Peña Salvador Elías (ES) - Argos
Rauzi Stefano (IT) - senza titolo (Un uomo siede solo in una barca..)
Ricz Géza (HU) - Phantom III.
Santibañez Servat Pablo (CL) - Ritual en las Alturas
Shaikh Zakir Hussain (IN) - Thirsty kettle
Six Marion (FR) - Humeur n°7
Supe Monika (DE) - o.T. #8, Serie Linearität
Takahashi Sio (JP) - 9 192 631 770
Viktoria Savenkova (BY) - coral 3
Zhang Xiaodong (CN) - Jacob Wrestling with the Angel

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