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Finalist Artists

The international jury met and selected the finalist artists who will exhibit their works at the Arsenale of Venice from 17th March to 8th April 2018.

Painting - results
Photographic Art - results
Sculpture and Installation - results
Video Art and short films - results
Performance - results
Virtual Art - results
Digital Graphics - results
Land Art - results
Urban Art - results

Painting Arte Laguna Prize

Surname Name Nationality - Title
Arreaza Juan (Colombia) - AXXIS1
Bowen Guan (China) - La voce del mio cuore
Chauhan Ajit (United States) - Loosely Speaking
David Zita (Hungary) - Surroundings - series
Day Jennifer (United States) - A Distancing
Downen Jill (United States) - (dis)Mantle 1
Ebrahimnezhad Saeedeh (Iran) - Oven
Felsing Alexander (Sweden) - Colours, Forms and Patterns 2017
Fogo Alessandro (Italy) - Bear Ritual
Fuzzi Matteo (Italy) - Untitled
Jászberényi András (Hungary) - Dualisme
Ji Hyun Jung (Korea) - Quiet children
Jones Claude (New Zealand) - Monkey Madness
McKay Michael (United States) - Apologue
Mujalli Goia (Brazil) - Water
Muller Karen (France) - Exhibition space view
Padungvichean Duairak (Thailand) - The Mushroom Collection
Ramírez Carola (Chile) - Superkilen
Selimbasic Adelisa (Italy) - Hodajuci ko zna gdje
Serafini Damiano Mirò (Italy) - Give the way. Future is passing by
Tadaocern (Lithuania) - Hanging Paintings Season 02
Wang SeonJeong (Korea) - The day my sister was born
Wen Meng-Yu (Taiwan, Republic of China) - Leaf Shades and the Talk
Zilinsky Caroline (Australia) - The Collector
Zoppi Rudy (Italy) - Packko 017

Photographic Art Arte Laguna Prize

Surname Name Nationality - Title
Albertini Fabian (Italy) - linha#3
Bignami Ivan (Italy) - incomunicabili-Un Caffè Insieme-1; incomunicabili-Un Caffè Insieme-5185
Carole b (France) - That's all Right. Elvis Presley
Braccia Nicola (Italy) - Tasselli
Cai Hongshuo (China) - The temperature of objects-3
Ho Isa (Taiwan, Republic of China) - Tom Duncan
Irving Gary (United Kingdom) - Gluttony; Wrath; Greed; Lust
Katz Rissman Ilisa (United States) - Natural World #1; Looking Forward
Nicastro Miriam (Italy) - Limbo
Pot Veronika (Belgium) - Wasp me to the Whales #22
Privitera Antonio (Italy) - CAROUSEL (From LA NOSTALGIA)
Ressia Romina (Argentina) - Ladies
Rojo Sache (Spain) - Kraken
Runa and Holly (New Zeland)- Volucris
Sadori Marco (Italy) - Song of pomegranade
Sagmeister Wolfgang (Austria) - Michelangelos right hand; Mary chest orthosis
Sansavini Laura (Italy) - Marfa
Schilling Angelika (Germany) - Arctic Art 1/ Composition of the moment
Souza André (Brazil) - Endless I
Tuncer Egemen (Turkey) - Things on a desk IV
Turck Marianne (Belgium) - Tennis court
Vignali Angelo (Italy) - Homeland
Walstrand Gwen (United States) - Elizabeth and Twig
Xelot Charles (France) - Nenets family
Zankoul Lara (Lebanon) - The Zoo

Sculpture and Installation Arte Laguna Prize

Surname Name Nationality - Title
Agureeva Maria (Russia) - Gardens of compromises always grow faster
Aldea Alina (Romania) - Out Of The Black
Ara Rachel (United Kingdom) - The Ancestor
Banrei (United States) - BAN BAN
Baracchi Peter (Switzerland) - Reflecting Light Rays Off A Rough Surface
Cardona Iván (Colombia) - Dirty Linen
Costa and Silva Anna (Brazil) - Eter
Dai Dandan (China) - Stripe 20 - Art Nova 100 Special Selection
Demers Louis-Philippe (Canada) - Area V5
Garza Cervera Renato (Mexico) - Of Genuine Contemporary Beast VI
Grenier Nadine (France) - O'Clock
Hazuki Katagai (Japan) - Accessories for Wearing Emotions
Jónsdóttir Rósa Sigrún (Iceland) - Vortex
Kite Sebastian (United Kingdom) - Continuum
Lee Jaedeuk (Korea) - 1588-0199
Meysami Mohsen and Meysami Mehdi (Iran) - Woven into the warp and weft of our land; Blood Blood Blood
Padovani Alice (Italy) - Solid
Parsons Kate (United Kingdom) - Fertility IV
Miljanovic Mladen (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Fututre
Rohatgi Bahaar Dhawan (India) - The Ripple Effect - Basu Foundation for the Arts Special Selection
Selleck Rebecca (Australia) - Lapin Plague
Stanwix Benjamin (South Africa) - Technical Research (2017)
Sung Yuli (Korea) - The Democratic People’s Republic of United States
Verri Giuseppe (Italy) - Il cavallo a dondolo del figlio di Troia - TraVellArt PDG Arte Communications Special Selection
Vewenda Coco (Netherlands) - Non titel
Wang Lien-Cheng (Taiwan) - Reading Plan
Withstandley Elizabeth (United States) - You Can Not Be Replaced
Yukawa-Nakayasu (Japan) - A survey for the history of fertility, Falls From The Skies

Video Art and short films Arte Laguna Prize

Surname Name Nationality - Title
Burger Felix (Germany) - Long Way to Happiness I
Doyon Patrick (Canada) - GRRR
Fair Brane (United States) - Centered
Gaken Valerio (Russia) - La barca
Maha Yammine (Lebanon) - Fanfare
Monteiro Bia Monteiro (Brazil) - Re-measuring the Dry Land
Reber Marie (Switzerland) - Jungle
Segal Alan (Argentina) - An interrupted investigation of R
Tyliszczak Paula (Poland) - I feel blue, they sense rose
Yang Alisa (United States) - Please Come Again

Performance Arte Laguna Prize

Surname Name Nationality - Title
Hung Wei Ling (Taiwan) - RO
Marullo Pietro (Italy) - WRECK - List of extinct species
Miljanovic Mladen (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - At The Edge
T.I.T.S. (Australia) & Marlon Henrique Silveira (Brazil) - The Wash
Ventayol Laia (Spain) - En el moment

Virtual Art Arte Laguna Prize

Surname Name Nationality - Title
Eltes Jonas (Sweden) - Lost in Computation
Grover Amitesh (India) - What the frog's eye cannot tell the brain
Ip Yuk-Yiu (China) - Book of a hundred ghosts
Oddviz (Turkey) - Hotel
Zhan Jia-Hua (Republic of China) - "SomaMappingII" Interactive Installation

Digital Graphics Arte Laguna Prize

Surname Name Nationality - Title
Castañeda García Emmanuel (Mexico) - Lo inevitable
Gitard Jean-Marie (France) - Le Dé
Vrati (Russia) - Russian cultural scripts
Reyt Philippe (France) - Les fleurs de sable
Zhang Haoran (China) - Pan Gu Creates World

Land Art Arte Laguna Prize

Surname Name Nationality - Title
Caruso Angelo (Italy) - Soli sul fiume
Kaat Van Doren (Belgium) - Miroir Noir
Kou Tak Leong (Macao) - Quasi Land
Sekelez Antonija (Croatia) - BIOLUMEN_the light nursery
Usui Hideyuki (Japan) - 37.722507 139.879639

Urban Art Arte Laguna Prize

Surname Name Nationality - Title
Borondo Gonzalo (Spain) - Cenere
Corriel Eric (United States) - Water Will Be Here
El Khoury Jad (Lebanon) - War peace
Mattoni Andrea Ravo (Italy) - Recupero del Classicismo nel contemporaneo
Ramírez Sanz Angela (Chile) - sine qua non