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Finalist Artists 18.19

The international jury has evaluated all the works submitted to the 13th edition of the competition.
This page shows the names of the artists who passed the second phase and will be part of the finalists' exhibition at the Arsenale of Venice from March 30th to April 25th 2019.

Photographic Art
Sculpture and Installation
Video Art and Short Films
Virtual Art
Digital Graphics
Land Art
Urban Art

\ Painting

Surname Name Nationality Title
Baio Mauro (Italy) - Rogers cup Court Toronto 1
Barberio Marco (Italy) - NYC #BW
Braun Weronika (Poland) - Shining 12
Brügel Janina Christine (Germany) - #qualitytime
Dittmer Clara Lotta (Germany) - Glasshouse
Dzendrowskyj Annamarie (United Kingdom) - Twilight - Murano VI
Ermolaeva Ekaterina (Russian Federation) - The Room
Fiorentini Federico (Italy) - Banca d'Italia
Forsberg Pia (Sweden) - The bride
Fresia Sofia (Italy) - Abbandono
Hafizov Pavel (Latvia) - AIR 2.1 - AIR 2.2 - AIR 2.3 - AIR 2.4
Ian Orkis (Republic of Korea) - Sleep
Ivanovic Guagliumi Nevena (Serbia) - Cantando bajo la luna yo se que la vida es sueno, el sueno es querer, el sueno es morir
Iwatsuki Yukino (Japan) - room
Macherozzi Antonio (Italy) - Sogno Lucido
Marin Walter (Italy) - Stazione
Masini Niccolò (Italy) - The Pilgrimage of Humanity II
Meldolesi Maurizio (Italy) - Polittico delle inquietudini
Mezynska Marta (Poland) - Manhattan
Montoya Ima (Spain) - Like a Rolling Stone 3
Muheim Hélène (France) - Anaphorá
Nosalskiy Vladimir (Russian Federation) - In the Name of Ego
Piana Gavino (Italy) - Domenica pomeriggio
Polli Petra (Italy) - Fesselnd / fascinating
Sirbu Anca Luiza (Romania) - Toamna Gri
Su Yi (China) - Rhythm-line-vermilion - Art Nova 100 Special Selection
Sugiura Akihiko (Japan) - Two
Szozda Ryszard (Poland) - Test #03B (1st and 2nd part of triptych)
Vaienti Lara (Italy) - Da Sotto (la Giacca)/From Under (my Jacket)
Yang Yi Shiang (Taiwan) - Hit score
Zhang Fan (China) - These days-suppress

\ Photographic Art

Surname Name Nationality Title
Adversi Ivano (Italy) - Loop
Bizzarri Luca (Italy) - Valato #1
Carroll Patty (United States of America) - Mad Mauve
Chinese Andrea (Italy) - Artificial Wood, Artificial Wood II
Cung Eric (Sweden) - Room 614
De Fazio Lucrezia (Italy) - Alpha
Descheemaeker Thérèse (France) - Untitle
E2: Elizabeth Kleinveld & Epaul Julien (United States of America) - Ode to Rockwell's Freedom of Speech, Ode to Rockwell's Triple Self-Portrait
Faruquee Shoeb (Bangladesh) - Grand Kitchen, Ship Graveyard
Ferrara Carlo (Italy) - Border
Franco Botticelli Miguel (Germany) - Garden in fron of Imperial Palace
Gharbi Camille (France) - A place to live - The Church, A place to live - Nightclub, A place to live - Shelters, A place to live - The Shout
Iki Tomoko (Japan) - Dance, Dance
Kei Nagayoshi (Italy) - Immutabilità, Chiavi della vita, Ala, Meriggio, Istante, Chiamata persa, Un pomeriggio, Fenomeno comune, Disparità, Partenza
Krüll Dirk (Germany) - Plastic Arma: Invasion Sea
Kuhn Stefan (Germany) - Lakeshore Operations | Winter Series #01
Marchionni Monia (Italy) - Elevation (The Romolo Spezioli Library of Fermo)
Montevecchi Silvia (Italy) - Jisei no ku #4, Jisei no ku #1
Nejezchleb Milos / Nejmil (Czech Republic) - Milkiller
Pereira Ana (Portugal) - Crna Gora
Pezzanesi Maria Adele (Italy) - Con te vivo
Pszczulny Ewa (Germany) - Natura Plus, Poplar leaf (Disappeared)
Rojo Sache (Spain) - Dai #1, Dai #10
Sinigaglia Alberto (Italy) - Ivy King II, Microwave City / The Clouds Series, Upshot Knothole Grable, Greenhouse- George-II-lr-lr
Stitt Peter (United States of America) - Untitled, Ridge Spring, SC and Untitled, Johnston, SC

\ Sculpture and Installation

Surname Name Nationality Title
Baassiri Dalia (Lebanon) - St Elias Hill
Bouchereau Merryl (France) - Panorama Studio
Da Pozzo Simona (Venezuela) - Rendere il volto al corpo della Giustizia
Damiano Francesca (Italy) - Para LLevar #1#2
De Marigny Deanna (United States) - The Archer - Basu Foundation for the Arts Special Selection
Doblanovic Ekarasa Mara (Croatia) - Whanui-Imagine the Land
Figuccio Valerio (Italy) - L'esanime animato
Fujiwara Kyoko (Japan) - Sanctuary
Giordano Giuseppina (Italy) - Hard Waves (Kuanyin and Virgin Mary staring at the sea)
Hall'Makwanda (Canada) - Selfless
Hellerud Tone (Norway) - Folding textile
Henríquez Patricia (Mexico) - Cronica Natura
Jiménez Jesús (Mexico) - Essay for a negotiation
Kato Yu (Japan) - Vague Lines without You
Leonini Elisa (Italy) - Suono emerso
Matokovic Mario (Croatia) - The Strategy Of Hypocrisy
Mattia Christ (France) - Cabanes
Milani Fabrizio (Italy) - Stage III
Morelli Maria Giovanna (Italy) - Acque senza sponde
Petruccelli Francesco (Italy) - Wrapped Cardinal and Unfolded Nobleman, from the serie "Studies about the virtues of the sacks"
Pozzoli Fabrizio (Italy) - Trough life
Quarso Estudio Multimedia (Mexico) - Coeur
Tsushima Tatski (Japan) - End to End
Tutaj Jan (Poland) - Tower_Paradox
Yavuz Sarp Kerem (France) - Vezir
zeroottouno (Italy) - 432 Hz

\ Video Art and short films

Surname Name Nationality Title
Bojian Lin | Michelangelo (China) - Our generation
Frech Kevin (United States of America) - The Minimum (excerpt)
Han Yajuan (China) - (X)~(X=X)
Kganye Lebohang (South Africa) - Ke Sale Teng
Kim Heesoo Agnes (Republic of Korea) - 217 promises
Liu Jen-ta (Taiwan) - The Quiet Hill of the Mind
Mohl Damon (United States of America) - The Dust Machine Variation
Rutman Paulina (Chile) - Humana
Serrano Santiago / Reinoso Andrés (Ecuador) - Sunday
Zhang Wei (China) - Warm Winter

\ Performance

Surname Name Nationality Title
Abattoir Lorenzo (Italy) - Solo|Organ
Dilger Susanne (Germany) - Obviously she's looking for someone - Transformation 2
Panzetti Ginevra / Ticconi Enrico (Italy) - Jardin / Arsenale
Trevisani Alessio (Italy) - A common Movement - Un Movimento Comune
Turuani Luisa (Italy) - Finché morte non vi separi

\ Virtual Art

Surname Name Nationality Title
Côté Jean-Philippe (Canada) - Yöti, The Algorithmic Portrait Artist
Delfrati Federico (Italy) - Around the World in 80 MB/s
Hu Chin-Hsiang (Taiwan) - Upload Not Complete
Song Dingdong (China) - Xuwu
Valiauga Lukas (Lithuania) and Eltes Jonas (Sweden) - Impressionist

\ Digital Graphics

Surname Name Nationality Title
Colonna Massimo (Italy) - Ambiguous 01
Lavanchy Christine (Switzerland) - La Biche
Palka Monika (Poland) - Run I, Run II
Reyt Philippe (France) - La Grande Conche
Zhou Meng (China) - Cloud Gate

\ Land Art

Surname Name Nationality Title
Alberonero (Italy) - Altro Paesaggio
Juarez Ivan (Mexico) - Sky mirrors, baixa mar
Kura Kazunori (Japan) - For the Power to Believe III
Medina Zabo (Italy) - Atrium reginae
Yiannikouris Odysseas e Monarcha Alessandra (France) - L'altro lato della città

\ Urban Art

Surname Name Nationality Title
Atelier TçPç (France) - A Red Wall
Cassani Matilde (Italy) - Tutto
Li Bianchi Aldo e Galvano Laura / LiBianchiGalvanoArchitetti (Italy) - Green
Virdis Francesco (Italy) - Trame
El Khoury Jad (Lebanon) - The tower of wind

\ Design

Surname Name Nationality Title
AMeBE (Italy) - Cupola, e luce fu
Bona Enrico Davide / Nobile Elisa (Italy) - Tetra Tables
Colombo Elena (Italy) - Sala da tè inclusiva
Oksana Levchenya (Ukraine) - Space Cossacks
Pak Tanja (Slovenia) - Flow