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Gallery Exhibit320 | New Delhi, India

New Delhi, India

Exhibit320 showcases contemporary art from India and from the subcontinent, creating a platform for new thoughts and ideas. The emphasis of the exhibition space is on new media, and it structures as a place for creative endeavour, aesthetic exploration and furthering visual dialogue. Our aim is to discover and encourage new and emerging talents. Exhibit 320 also organizes seminars, lectures, discussions and talks that contextualize art within critical discourse.

Exhibit 320 is located in the heart of Lado Sarai, in the capital city of New Delhi. Rasika Kajaria, who is a fervent admirer and art collector, envisions this space. She has committed to share her philosophy and understanding with the growing viewership. Exhibit 320 is a dynamic and creative hub for artists, the art and its audience.


Mito Gegic Mito Gegic
(Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Winner at 8th edition
Exhibition period:
30th October - 14th November 2014

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Mito Gegic
Mito Gegic
Mito Gegic
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