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Centrale Fies | Dro (Trento), Italy

Centrale Fies


Art residency
of 2 weeks dedicated to performing arts.

The residency includes:
- accommodation with kitchen
- equipped rehearsal room

Dro (Trento), Italy

Centrale Fies art work space is an independent centre for residencies and the production of contemporary performing arts, located in Trentino within a hydroelectric power plant dating XIX century and partially still active. The project of recovering and reusing the industrial archaeological spaces as well as its cultural programme are initiated in 1999 by Barbara Boninsegna and Dino Sommadossi with the Cooperativa il Gaviale. Today, Centrale Fies is a cultural enterprise with a hybrid model of sustainability made of public and private funding.
House of Drodesera (1981), the international festival of performing arts taking from theatre and visual arts, Centrale Fies is dedicated to research: training the critical gaze on the contemporary and experimenting with new artistic forms and processes, from a perspective that is open to every discipline, theme and field of study. Therefore, Centrale Fies contributes to create lateral thought and cultural biodiversity, with firm faith in the intrinsic political role of the arts and its indomitable capacity to unfold new visions.
Visited every year by dozens of artists and creative-makers from all over the world, Centrale Fies supports them in every aspect: from curatorship to production (through residencies, availability of equipped rooms, technical assistance, co-working spaces) and practical support (assistance in development, organization, fundraising, administrative support, production, and national and international networking). By virtue of our cross-sector vocation, we attract and contribute to the growth of entrepreneurial realities and hybrid projects with a strong experimental character.
The activity of Centrale Fies is supported by the Autonomous Province of Trento and Hydro Dolomiti Energia. With the contribution of Dro Municipality, Autonomous Region of Trentino - Alto Adige / Südtirol, MiBACT - Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, APAP Advancing Performing Art Project, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Anna FrijsteinAnna Frijstein
(Huizen, The Netherlands)

Winner at 13th edition
Residency period:
to be defined