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Lanificio Paoletti | Follina (Treviso), Italy

Lanificio Paoletti


Art residency
of 1 month + final open studio.

The residency includes:
- accommodation
- assistance
- working space at Lanificio Paoletti
- technical and logistic support
- final open studio

Follina (Treviso), Italy

Lanificio Paoletti was founded in 1795 in Follina, and is still run by the same family more than 200 years later. We specialize in the complete production of carded wool yarns and textiles, from start to finish, with an eye to preserving traditional materials and techniques, and to incorporating contemporary influences.
Our mill is an active center for the exchange of ideas, research and experiments, from our exclusive study of weaves and colors to the implementation of procedures that marry craftsmanship with modern, industrial sophistication. We derive inspiration from our extensive collaboration with universities and accomplished young artists, architects, fashion and product designers. We lead initiatives to value and share knowhow, such as La Via Della Lana event, which celebrate the “Wool Route”.


Ivan JuarezIvan Juarez
(Mexico City, Mexico)

Winner at 13th edition
Residency period:
to be defined