Beatrice Susa, Co-Founder of Arte Laguna Prize

"In a society where art flourishes, anything else can flourish" - Joseph Kosuth

We like to remember Beatrice Susa, who prematurely passed away, with the words of a great master of contemporary art. Along with Laura Gallon, she laid the foundations of Arte Laguna Prize, an art incubator whose value is recognized internationally and that is exactly what Beatrice dreamed of: a "place" where people who make art can connect with people who look for art, a "place" for sharing ideas and experiences, a "container" of opportunities for many artists.

Her commitment and her work have given a great contribution to the city of Venice and to the art world and it will not be easily forgotten. Arte Laguna Prize will continue to bring a piece of Beatrice into the world, without forgetting her brilliant personality, her creative mind and her refined taste.