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In Belgium with Eryka Jura and Kuo-Hsiang for the Glo'Art Residency

Eryka JuraEryka Jura

Kou HsiangKou Hsiang

November 15th 2017

Taking part in an art residency seems to be an experience that artists really appreciate!
Maybe it's the possibility to focus only on their work and experiment with new techniques and new equipments, also thanks to the collaboration with specialized personnel; or maybe it's because they have the chance to live in a new environment and get in contact with a different culture. Regardless, art residencies are a very stimulating place, where artists with different cultural backgrounds can meet and exchange thoughts and opinions.

Eryka Jura (Katowice, Poland 1992), who went to Lanaken (Belgium) for the Art Residency program of Arte Laguna Prize, told us that she really loved the time she spent at Glo'Art.
“I got the prize at the best moment. I finished my studies and was thinking how to arrange my artistic activity and I felt a little lost. Winning this art residency at Glo'Art gave me complete artistic freedom and I was able to concentrate only on creating without worrying about anything else”.

There is always a first time and in Eryka's case the first residency was one of the best experiences of her artistic life, despite not knowing what to expect.
“When I got the call about the prize I was really happy. During my time at Glo'Art I had the opportunity to test things and techniques that I had in my mind for a while but didn't have the resources to realize them. I met artists from all over the world and learnt what art means for them. I met people that are actually interested in young artists and that gave me a motivation to start preparing an exhibition and try to show my works to the world. It was really hard for me to leave this place!”

During the residency Eryka created a series of paintings inspired by the Gothic and Renaissance period, but also by the culture of her country of origin, Poland, where the Church is still a very powerful institution. She combines nudity with religion because nowadays nudity is everywhere. Despite this Eryka has often noticed that people feel uneasy and uncomfortable while watching her portraits of naked women bodies or when they see a woman breastfeeding in public, even if nudity has always been present even in churches, for example in paintings of Adam and Eve or of Mary breastfeeding Jesus.
During her residency, her artistic research revolved mainly around this theme but she was able to focus also on another aspect of her work: fashion. As a matter of fact, she realized a series of installations that are now on display in the wonderful park of Glo'Art.

Arte Laguna Prize is very proud to tell the stories of these amazing artists because they are the living proof of how the contest can act as a springboard for their careers. The partnership with Glo'Art is a perfect example of this: Eryka won the residency, but the Glo'Art scientific committee has decided to work also with other 2 artists who applied for the residency but didn't win. Among these, the Taiwanese artist Kuo Kuo-Hsiang (Taiwan, 1975).
The Taiwanese artist Kuo, tells us in a short interview that he was really inspired by the landscape of the Glo'Art exhibition park, a unique place where art and nature dialogue with each other.
His excitement is contagious, Kuo thinks that this Residency was a wonderful experience. Supported by the Glo'Art team, he could realize his work, which is made of stainless steel and required laser cutting and precise welding.
Glo'Art arranged a Dutch factory to assist him and could provide the best steel for Kuo's work. The artist says that he was so pleased to finish the work there in just one month.
"A month goes fast and it can be a very short time when you spend it with outstanding artists from different countries. We lived, created, produced artworks together and exchanged ideas."

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