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Sanja Milenkovic in Barcelona for Espronceda Art Residency

Sanja MilenkovicSanja Milenkovic

From 5th to 19th September 2017 Espronceda Center for Art and Culture in Barcelona, in occasion of Art Nou, houses Sanja Milenkovic (Niš, Serbia) final exhibition, a precious completion of the artistic residency period of the artist, winner of the 11th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize for Artist in Residence program.

Sanja Milenkovic, painter of serbian origin but in Italy by a lot of years, had the unique chance to spend 5 weeks in the city of Barcelona at Espronceda, an innovative and contemporary art centre, exhibition and work space founded in 2013 whose mission is to promote and support established and aspiring international artists' creativity and works.

The collaboration between Espronceda and the artist creates "Real Life" project, shaped on the personal experience of Sanja Milenkovic creative stay in Barcelona: common life, human being and nature can become a narrative, an human experience through a poetic imaginary vision of common people and landscape, where the main artistic language is the figurative art.

Sanja Milenkovic herself explains the artistic vision which characterizes her art themes and "Real Life" project:
My inspiration comes from different constancy scenes and situations from the real life. The majority of the urban and almost conceptual paintings I am creating, is a research on my memory and how snapshots shape can change and create something new. In my works people are playing a major role. I like the moment when the painting is changing and suddenly there is a perfect disorder and some imaginary conversation between the people. The sensitivity is revealed in the ability to perceive the condition of nature and translate it into images and consonants colours.
During my stay in Barcelona, i had the chance to test freedom and space idea both emotinally and physically. My experience at Espronceda has been positive, it enriched me both in a human and artistic way. Thanks to curator Savina Tarsitano's professionalism, i tested free spech: following my work, she left me alone talk with the location to find my own space and balance with it. Espronceda team professionalism and availability made my residency productive and creative. Harmony, brightness and vitality of Barcelona city reflects on my new paintings realized at Espronceda.

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