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Biafarin | Montreal Canada



Biafarin Honor Award:

- 12 Gold Membership Packages for 12 artists older than 25 years old in Painting, Photographic Art, Sculpture and Installation categories.
- 12 Biafarin Blue Membership Packages for 12 under-25 artists in Painting, Photographic Art, Sculpture and Installation categories.

Biafarin Prestige Award:

- Prize of US$ 4000 to 4 selected artists (Each US$ 1000)

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Montreal, Canada

Biafarin Inc is a Canadian Artist Management company with an online portal and an international network of artists, art buyers and art businesses. Biafarin Portal is an online self-service marketing tool assisting artists and art businesses to manage and improve their business transactions efficiently and receive competitive exposures and results in the market. Biafarin receives NO commission fee (%0) for artwork sales from artists.

Blue, Gold and Platinum members pay monthly or annual membership fee in Biafarin and Basic free members choose a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) method paying only when they order a service.

Biafarin portal is available in 8 languages and as a global art agent, offers more than 20 services to artists for developing their art career. Some of Biafarin services are: Art Opportunities Submission, Gallery Booking for Exhibition, Online Sales Distribution, Document Preparation (Bio, Statement, CV), Translation, Document Management (Send, Print), Auctions, Media Introduction and Coverage, Consultancy and Email Campaigns.

Please find more about Biafarin Membership Packages at: http://www.biafarin.com/artists-membership
Join Biafarin at: http://www.biafarin.com/artists-join

Biafarin is one of the partners in 12th International Arte Laguna Prize. Biafarin awards the artists for a total amount of US$ 14,800 (Euro 12,600) divided into

Biafarin Honor Award
- 12 Gold Membership Package for 12 artists, who are over 25 years old, in Painting, Photographic, Sculpture and Installation categories.
- 12 Blue Membership Package for 12 artists, who are 25 or under 25 years old, in Painting, Photographic, Sculpture and Installation categories.
Gold Membership Package is the most popular package in Biafarin Portal and Blue Membership is the most suitable for Emerging and Young Artists. Membership Packages in Biafarin help artists to develop their art career internationally. Packages include services such as Online Artist Profile, Opportunities alerts and submissions, Online Distribution, Exhibition requests and booking, Artist Data Management, Art Critique and Interview, Press Release and News coverage, Publication and Sales Leads .

Biafarin Prestige Award (artists need to join Biafarin to be eligible for Biafarin Prestige award)
Prize of US$ 4000 to 4 selected artists (Each US$ 1000). This prize contains:
- Prize of US$ 1000 for one artist 25 or under 25
- Prize of US$ 1000 for one artist in Painting category
- Prize of US$ 1000 for one artist in Photographic art category
- Prize of US$ 1000 for one artist in Sculpture and Installation category

ALL THE ARTISTS FROM THE BIAFARIN NETWORK: are entitled to a special fee to enter the 12th Arte Laguna Prize.
ALL THE ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE ARTISTS: can join Biafarin for free to obtain international promotion. Click here to create your account >>


Daniela BombelliDaniela Bombelli
(Rome, Italy)

12th edition
Newton RochaNewton Rocha
(Recife, Brazil)

Winner at 12th edition
Dieneke TiekstraDieneke Tiekstra
(Haarlem, The Netherlands)

Winner at 12th edition
Oleksandra VoroninaOleksandra Voronina
(Kiev, Ukraine)

Winner at 12th edition
HONOR AWARD 12th edition

Arreaza Juan (Colombia) / Belkina Katerina (Russia) / Bowen Guan (China) / Cholug Tomasz (Poland) / Collins Matthew James (United States) / Cuni Xheni (Albania) / Dalle Carbonare Matteo (Italy) / Del Vigo Ettore Aldo (Italy) / Ebrahimnezhad Saeedeh (Iran) / Irving Gary (United Kingdom) / (Ji Hyung Jung) (South Korea) / Jonsdottir Rosa Sigrun (Iceland) / Padovani Alice (Italy) / Pearl Harlen (United States) / Peter Riss (Germany) / Ressia Romina (Argentina)
Runa and Holly (New Zealand) / Savan Oguz (Turkey) / Serafini Damiano Miro (Italy) / Urbani Guendalina (Italy) / Varsi Genietta (Peru) / Yan Xiaojing (Canada) / Zankoul Lara (Lebanon) / Zita David (Hungary)
Ali SaboukiAli Sabouki
(Shiraz, Iran)

Winner at 11th edition
Francesco BerettaFrancesco Beretta
(Como, Italy)

Winner at 11th edition
Kalina Aleksandrova DanailovaKalina Aleksandrova Danailova
(Sofia, Bulgaria)

Winner at 11th edition
Silvia ManazzaSilvia Manazza
(Rome, Italy)

Winner at 11th edition

Akman Askin (Turkey) / Pappa Zoi (Greece) / Savenkova Viktoria (Belarus) / El Khoury Jad (Lebanon) / Poole RJ (Australia) / Chou Ching-Hui (Taiwan) / Tiekstra Dieneke (Netherlands) / Ambroziak Sylwester (Poland) / Demers Louis Philippe (Canada) / Obara Noriko (Japan)
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