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Fraccaro Spumadoro | Treviso, Italy

Fraccaro Spumadoro


Prize of 2.000 € for the winning project.

Participation requires the presentation of works or graphic proposals to be applied to the packaging of the products by Fraccaro Spumadoro in order to create a packaging prototype with the winning graphics. The submitted proposal can be free or declined for one of the packaging used by the company and must be inspired by the key concepts of “excellence and artisan elegance, a story of love and simplicity eighty years long, natural ingredients and sourdough, essentiality”.

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Treviso, Italy

Fraccaro Spumadoro SPA is a story of love and simplicity eighty years long.
Elena and Giovanni Fraccaro opened their first bakery in the ancient castle walls of Castelfranco Veneto in 1932. Since then, the name Fraccaro Spumadoro has been constantly linked to the traditional art of Confectionery.
This passion has been kept alive to this day: the Fraccaro products are still made using artisan methods, with the same aromas and atmosphere of eighty-six years ago.
Pasticceria Fraccaro products are special because we use our most precious ingredient: the sourdough we got since 1932. Our sourdough is still renewed every day with flour and water, allowing us to bake our cakes with the traditional method of “natural leavening”, adding only healthy and genuine ingredients that guarantee the inimitable taste of homemade cakes.
Our sourdough is used for all our products: Panettoni, Pandoro, Sweet Focaccia, Colomba, Brioches and Snack to give them natural softness and digestibility.
The company in the last years has started to open its business to international markets, developing a strong interest in packaging, wanting to start a journey in search of a style that enhances the craftsmanship, simplicity and elegance of its products.

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