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Manifattura Zanetto | Padua Italy

Manifattura Zanetto


Prize of 2.000 Euro for the winning product design and realization of the project.

Presentation of a new product design for the realization of a vase which will contain at least a noble metal sheet.

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Padua, Italy

Zanetto, founded in 1963, is an Italian craftsmanship laboratory, dedicated to the creation of noble metals art objects for room and table decoration.
Zanetto is a workshop of highly skilled silversmiths devoted to the crafting of decorative household objects in silver, silver-plate and fine metal alloys. The Zanetto production philosophy involves maintaining the artisanal character of its products, convinced that hand production provides a unique and absolute guarantee to achieving exceptional quality and original workmanship.Traditional techniques and ancient secrets are maintained and reinvented to create contemporary objects that strive for simplicity and balance: "Balance is our measure, reflected, restored and transfigured by the LIGHT of metal,the very light we like to think as a gift within each article produced by our workshop."


Riccardo ErataRiccardo Erata
(Cremona, Italy)

Winner at 12th edition
Residency period:
to be defined
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