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STILE Original Design | Brescia

Brescia, Italy


Elena GiustozziElena Giustozzi
(Macerata, Italy)

Winner at 6th edition

Past collaborations

  • Eurosystem | Treviso Italy
    Eurosystem | Treviso Italy Eurosystem


    Prize 5,000 Euro for the winning project.

    Submit a video enhancing the art-technology relationship through unique and creative communication.

    Treviso, Italy

    To participate, applicants are asked to submit a creative proposal aimed at connecting art and technology, two worlds that are increasingly intertwined.

    “Art comes from technology. It is the opposing force that balances the disruptive effects of new technologies in culture. Art is the metaphorical aspect of the same technology that it uses and criticizes”.
    (Derrick de Kerkchove, The Skin of Culture: Investigating the New Electronic Reality, 1995)
    It is the etymology of the term “technology” that brings along and defines its close relationship with art (the word technology comes from the Greek "techne", art meants as skill, and "logia", that is speech, treaty).
    Artists have always relied on technological knowledge and ingenuity to find the best materials and tools to express their dreams, thoughts, visions and beliefs, and each work of art is determined first and foremost by the materials available to the artists and their ability to manipulate them.
    Not only does technology affect artistic creation by establishing the artists' possibilities of expression, but it also determines the passage to different functions of art, changing therefore the way it can be enjoyed. On the other hand, art, by its very nature, helps improve and increase the perceived value of technology.
    The aim of this Prize is therefore to design a tool that the Eurosystem company (specialized in IT technology) can use to enhance the relationship between art and technology.
    The creative proposal must consist in a video made using any technique and lasting up to 3 minutes.

    The creative submissions will be selected by the Company, together with the Art Director of the Arte Laguna Prize based on originality, alignment with the company's hallmarks, and feasibility.
    The documentation (including images) will not be returned.
    The winner will be announced during the opening and awards ceremony of the 11th Arte Laguna Prize in March 2017.

    The Special Prize of 5,000 (five thousand) Euro net will be awarded to the winner with a contract agreement in two tranches:
    • 2,500 Euro in April 2017,
    • 2,500 Euro in July 2017
    The winner will give the Company all rights of industrial, intellectual property and image exploitation, while recognizing the moral rights to the author.
    All participants acknowledge and accept, as of now, the contents of the release statement.



    Fabio TabacchiFabio Tabacchi
    (Prague, Czech Republic)

    Winner at 11th edition
  • Papillover | Neaples Italy
    Papillover | Neaples Italy Papillover art collection


    Prize 1,000 Euro for the winning project.

    Submission of painting and graphic proposals, of new textures or shapes for bow tie designs, in order to create a prototype for a Limited Edition branded Papillover.

    The proposal may feature the design of new products, similar to bow ties, aimed at the company’s target market.

    Napoli, Italia

    PAPILLOVER is the project of Manuela, Sara and Fabio, three young entrepreneurs who have decided to turn their passion for bow ties and for Made in Italy into the core of their business, focusing on an entirely handmade product, made with the highest quality materials.

    The young start-up places the bow tie at the center of its world, as an everlasting symbol of elegance and formal style, and revolutionizes the identity of this product by presenting many new designs and original patterns to suit every look.

    The bow tie is no longer listed among men's accessories but it also becomes suitable for women and children. In short, bow ties for everyone and for every occasion.


    Philip ColbertPhilip Colbert
    (Perth, United Kingdom)

    Winner at 11th edition
  • Rima Sofa & Beds | Pordenone Italy
    Rima Sofa & Beds | Pordenone Italy Rima Sofa and Beds


    Prize 5,000 Euro for the winning project.

    creative proposal inspired by the world of soft furniture (sofas, armchairs, puffs, beds) in order to enhance and promote the company's products.
    The proposal may include:
    - promotional videos
    - images for advertising campaigns
    - design submissions for soft furnishings

    Pordenone, Italy

    The trademark Rima Salotti was founded in 1992 as a manufacturer of removable upholstery both in fabric and leather; in 2008 the trademark became Rima Sofa & Beds.

    Since the beginning, our aim has been creating models in line with market needs, keeping the original mark of the brand: Quality, Services, Convenience. We produce classic and modern sofas with the possibility of inserting a bed, transformable sofas, design sofas, upholstered beds and complements.

    Our values are our soul: we find them in every action we do, they are the core of our work and our flag. They are our deepest beliefs. Each one of us is called to live them, promote them, and respect them. All together they define our company and the kind of people we are.


    Kemikal ComunicazioneKemikal Comunicazione
    (Vicenza, Italy)

    Winner at 11th edition
  • Capo d'Opera | Treviso

    Treviso, Italy


    (Venice, Italy)

    Winner at 2nd edition
  • Tenuta S. Anna | Venice

    Venice, Italy

    Tenuta S. Anna, Genagricola S.p.a. Group, offers the “Tenuta S. Anna Art Collection” special prize, which is reserved to the artists that register with 2 artworks to the Painting section. The theme of this special prize is “Colors of the Earth”. Artists can participate with the same works of the main contest or present two other art pieces.


    Rotem ReshefRotem Reshef
    (Tel Aviv, Israel)

    Winner at 4th edition
    Rotem Reshef
    Rotem Reshef
    Rotem Reshef
  • ReiL | Bahia

    Bahia, Brazil

    ReiL company collaborates with the Arte Laguna Prize for the 2010.11 edition, reserving the prize to the artists who submit 2 works in the sculpture section.
    The Art Residency takes place in Bahia (Brazil) from 29th September 2011 and it finishes with a photo shoot/video. The Residency includes travel, accommodation, lodging, assistance and materials. The aim of this art residency is to realize an artistic project in one of the residential estate's house of Bahia.


    Joan MateuJoan Mateu
    (Girona, Spain)

    Winner at 5th edition
  • STILE Original Design | Brescia

    Brescia, Italy


    Elena GiustozziElena Giustozzi
    (Macerata, Italy)

    Winner at 6th edition
  • FOPE gioielli | Vicenza

    Vicenza, Italy


    Zer NiritZer Nirit
    (Jerusalem, Israel)

    Winner at 7th edition
    Amelia ZhangAmelia Zhang
    (Vancouver, Canada)

    Winner at 6th edition
  • Pas de Rouge | Venice

    Venice, Italy

    The Special Prize “Pas de Rouge” by Gritti srl has been created in the context of the 9th International Arte Laguna Prize. Award of 10,000 Euros for the winning creative proposal.
    In order to participate you must submit a work or a creative proposal inspired by the world of footwear and the slogan "The Soft Appeal" that accompanies Pas de Rouge products. The aim is to enhance and promote the company's products by highlighting their distinctive features:
    - lightness and comfort of the footwear
    - charm, style and elegance of the footwear
    - care for the materials
    - craftsmanship and high quality
    - Made in Italy


    (Bologna, Italy)

    Winner at 9th edition
  • La Tordera | Valdobbiadene

    Valdobbiadene, Italy

    The Special Prize La Tordera - Create the Label is made under the 9th International Arte Laguna Prize and is aimed at creating an artistic label for a limited edition wine line inspired by the theme:
    Natural balance - Feeding the planet

    The winning artist is awarded a cash prize of 5,000 Euros and the wine line is presented at Vinitaly 2015, and promoted at exclusive events during Expo 2015.


    Daniele MisaniDaniele Misani
    (Monza Brianza, Italy)

    Winner at 9th edition
    Daniele Misani
    Daniele Misani
    Daniele Misani
  • Deglupta | Venice
    Deglupta | Venice Deglupta


    Prize of 5,000 Euro for the winning project

    The prize includes:
    - materials supply
      (leather or fabric, paints)
    - delivery and pick up of the materials
    - realization of the products
    - placement of the products
      in some boutiques in Italy
    - final exhibition

    Venice, Italy

    Deglupta is an Italian company that makes use of creativity alone to create bags and accessories for women and men by using leathers and fabrics painted by artists and then sewn entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen. The results are unique and first-rate pieces of art, the outcome of creativity and ongoing research, both in the choice of artists and in the selection of raw materials used for production.

    Artists interested in this Special Award shall provide some images of paintings on canvas that can be turned into bags. Among these sumissions, the company Deglupta will select the winning one.
    Since the creations of Deglupta are handcrafted, special consideration will be given to abstract representations, because in them the subsequent cuttings and seams would not compromise the overall meaning and harmony of the painted canvas.

    Deglupta will collaborate with the winning artist for a limited edition of the next collection spring-summer 2017, ranging from handbags to possibly some piece of furniture. The company will provide the primary materials for the creation of painted canvases and it will ensure the placement of the creations in some of the best boutiques in Italy.


    Aaliyah NavrasAaliyah Navras
    (Krasnik, Poland)

    Winner at 11th edition
    Januario JanoJanuario Jano
    (Luanda, Angola)

    Winner at 10th edition
  • Riva 1920 | Cantù
    Riva 1920 | Cantù Riva 1920


    Collaboration with a Made in Italy excellent company
    10-day stay to realize the project

    The prize includes:
    - accommodation
    - creation of an object or work using briccola wood
    - materials
    - assistance
    - the product created will be presented at
    Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan

    See some examples for your project >

    Cantù, Italy

    For years Riva has been making furniture items that defy the passing of time and respect nature.
    It all starts in 1920 in a family-run artisan workshop using exclusively solid wood. In 1992 Riva turns into a company and it exhibits for the first time at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. Over the years it has started new collaborations with several designers and thanks to the natural finishing touches, to the warmth of wood and to the support of a smart design, the products start to be appreciated also abroad and Riva Arredamenti becomes R1920.
    Riva also creates a Museum of tools and machines for wood working, collected both in Italy and Europe, which over the years has gathered about 2,800 items. In 2010 the new showroom of about 3,000 squared meters is created.
    Today Riva is continuing to work as it did as an artisan workshop, the number of designers and architects of worldwide popularity is in constant growth and challenges are ambitious, such as the production of furniture made in unusual wood like cedar, the thousands-year-old kauri wood from New Zealand and the Briccola wood from Venice.
    Riva 1920 is also involved in several cultural projects and social initiatives, such as the creative competitions aimed at young designers and architects and the project for the salvage of the disused barrel wood from the Community of San Patrignano, which is reused and worked by the young guests of the center in order to create new design works.


    Massimiliano MagriniMassimiliano Magrini
    (Ancona, Italy)
    Bricco Garden, 2016

    Winner at 10th edition

    Studio di Architettura Michele Arcarese e Pierre BusnelliMichele Arcarese and Pierre Busnelli
    (Rome, Italy)
    BRI.POP, 2015

    Winner at 9th edition
    Gian Giacomo BorinGian Giacomo Borin
    (Venice, Italy)
    Briccolight, 2014

    Winner at 8th edition

    Photogallery >
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