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In some cases, the nerve damage is permanent, and the patient will require treatment to achieve an erection. Yet evidence shows that good blood sugar control can minimize this risk. Couples begin to feel less intimate.

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Art Nova 100 | Beijing, China

Art Nova 100


Exhibition in Beijing
of 10 finalist videos in Summer 2019
during Art Nova 100 event


Beijing, China

Every summer Art Nova 100 exhibits the 10 finalist videos of Arte Laguna Prize during its collective exhibition in Beijing.
Art Nova 100, launched in 2011, is a high-end art platform that discovers and promotes young artists. Artists are selected for this distinguished program through expert nominations, the artists' own applications and mutual recommendations, recommendations by foundations, and a public evaluation process.
The final shortlist of young artists are invited to participate in the annual art activities of Art Nova 100, which includes exhibitions and forums both in China and abroad, as well as a multi-channel artist promotion program.
Art Nova 100 continues to cultivate a diverse community and set of resources for artists, curators, academics, and collectors, providing a means to help young artists on the path to achieving their dreams.


Charif Khalil, Bonisson Marcos (Brazil) / Frech Kevin (United States) / Gao Yuan (China) / Glez Alejandra (Cuba) / Handelsman Shir (Israel) / Mono | Mento (Portugal) / Müllner Leonhard, Klengel Robin, Stumpf Michael (Austria) / Ouellet Kenji (Germany) / Perego Isabella (Italy) / Tseng Yu Chin (Taiwan)

Exhibition period:
8th - 12th September 2019

Bojian Lin | Michelangelo (China) / Frech Kevin (United States of America) / Han Yajuan (China) / Kganye Lebohang (South Africa) / Kim Heesoo Agnes (Republic of Korea) / Liu Jen-ta (Taiwan) / Mohl Damon (United States of America) / Rutman Paulina (Chile) / Serrano Santiago - Reinoso Andrés (Ecuador) / Zhang Wei (China)

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Exhibition period:
29th July - 1st August 2018

Felix Burger (Germany) / Patrick Doyon (Canada) / Fair Brane (United States) / Valerio Gaken (Russia) / Yammine Maha (Lebanon) / Bia Monteiro (Brazil) / Marie Reber (Switzerland) / Alan Segal (Argentina) / Paula Tyliszczak (Poland) / Alisa Yang (United States)

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Exhibition period:
1st - 15th August 2017

Veronika Adaskova (Czech Republic) / Elena Bellantoni (Italy) / Marcos Bonisson & Khalil Charif (Brazil) / Silvia Giambrone (Italy)Tim Gregory (Australia) / Nadia & Laila Hotait (Spain) / Kid Orbino (Germany) / Marcus Shahar (Israel) / Gary Setzer (United States) / Ben Stevenson (United Kingdom)

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Exhibition period:
27th - 29th August 2016

Alex Anikina (Kolomna, Russia) / Brodbeck & De Barbuat (Düsseldorf, Germany) / Alix Delmas (Bayonne, France) / Daniel Nicolae Djamo (Bucharest, Romania) / Jonathan Goldman (Ramat Hasharon, Israel) / Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens (London, United Kingdom) / Orkhan Huseynov (Baku, Azerbaijan) / Lin Yi Yang (Fujian, China) / Torsten Lippstock (Ebsdorf, Germany) / Rebeca Méndez (Mexico City, Mexico)

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Exhibition period:
5th - 7th October 2015

Renata Bünter (Stans, Switzerland) / Daniel Nicolae Djamo (Bucharest, Romania) / Lotte Meret Effinger (Berlin, Germany) / Berivan Erdogan (Molde, Norway) / Gilles Fontolliet (Zürich, Switzerland) / Giulia Giannola (Naples, Italy) / Oren Lavie (Tel Aviv, Israel) / Lukas Marxt (Schladming, Austria) / Navid Sanati (Tehran, Iran) / Gabriella Sonabend (London, United Kingdom)

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Exhibition period:
28th - 31th August 2014

Apiyo Amolo (Kenya) / Barbara Ceriani Basilico & Alessandro Mancassola (Italy) / Anupong Charoenmitr (Thailand) / Tamar Hirschfeld (Israel) / Volkan Kiziltunç (Turkey) / Phira Kulthanakan (Thailand) / Shahar Marcus (Israel) / Philippos Kappa (Greece) / Jessie Stead (United States) / Maria Zervos (Greece)