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Art Stays | Ptuj, Slovenia

Art Stays


Participation in the Festival
in Ptuj 7 days for 1 artist

The participation includes:
- accommodation
- board
- studio
- logistics support
- curatorial assistance


Ptuj, Slovenia

ART STAYS is one of the foremost institutions in Slovenia today. Since 2006 ART STAYS has played a leading role in bringing an international vibrancy to the city’s art scene, showing for the first time in Slovenia the works of artists such as Leo Ferdinand Demetz, Elisa Rossi, Kensuke Koike, Angelo Volpe, Igor Molin, Raphael Di Luzio, Florian Langemaack, Tim Roeloffs, Marek Schovanek, Sissa Micheli, Peter Wehinger. ART STAYS focuses on promoting, supporting and showing young and mid-career contemporary artists, covering different media such as painting, video, installation, photography and performance. Thanks to the great support and collaboration with curators and European public and private institutions ART STAYS wants to offer a wider range of possibilities to exhibiting artists, functioning as a laboratory for young contemporary art. The strategic geographical position in the heart of Europe permits a circulation of international emerging art positions and makes it comfortable for the collectors and institutions to take part to its activities and supporting new projects. With the same intention, Galerija FO.VI, now with a new space in the city of Kidricevo, was opened by ART STAYS in 2006.

2012 was a landmark year for the ART STAYS International Festival of Contemporary Art. It celebrated its 10th anniversary and played an important role in the European Capital of Culture Maribor 2012, which brought much attention to the exceptional cultural offer of Ptuj.

ART STAYS has also an artist in residence program and organizes the International Festival of Contemporary Art which is from 2003 the main event of Visual Art happening in the region of Ptuj in Slovenia. Each year a wide and representative international panorama of artists and exhibitions of contemporary visual art opens new projects, national pavillions and events that are united in international appointments by ART STAYS.


Mohammad Al-Hemd Mohammad Al-Hemd
(Kuwait City, Kuwait)

Winner at 14th edition
Exhibition period:
to be defined
Yu Kato Yu Kato
(Tokyo, Japan)

Winner at 13th edition
Exhibition period:
12th July- 13th September 2019

Discover Yu's experience >
María Fernanda Guzmán María Fernanda Guzmán
(Valparaíso, Chile)

Winner at 12th edition
Exhibition period:
6th July- 9th September 2018

Discover María's experience >
Noriko Obara Noriko Obara
(Saitama, Japan)

Winner at 11th edition
Exhibition period:
7th July- 5th September 2017

Discover Noriko's experience >
Photogallery >

Dapna Weinstein Dapna Weinstein
(Tel Aviv, Israel)

Winner at 10th edition
Exhibition period:
8th July - 5th September 2016

Discover Daphna's experience >
Photogallery >
Zazzaro Otto Zazzaro Otto
(Reggio Emilia, Italy)

Winner at 10th edition
Exhibition period:
8th July - 5th September 2016

Discover Zazzaro's experience >
Photogallery >
Hans Beckers Hans Beckers
(Schoten, Belgium)

Winner at 9th edition
Exhibition period:
10th July - 1st September 2015

Photogallery >
Sasha Frolova Sasha Frolova
(Moscow, Russia)

Winner at 8th edition
Exhibition period:
23th July - 1st October 2014

Discover Sasha's experience >

Olga Lah Olga Lah
(Los Angeles, California)

Winner at 7th edition
Exhibition period:
July - September 2013

Discover Olga's experience >
Photogallery >
Cyryl Zakrzewsky Cyryl Zakrzewsky
(Poznań, Poland)

Winner at 6th edition
Exhibition period:
July - September 2012

Discover Cyryl's experience >
Photogallery >
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