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TraVellArt by Pdg Arte Communications | Venice, Italy

TraVellArt by Pdg Arte Communications


Exhibition of the works by 1 artist at Hotel Savoia & Jolanda in Venice.

The participation includes:
- curatorial assistance
- promotion

Venice, Italy

PDG Arte Communications works in the arts and culture sector following the intense activity of its President Paolo De Grandis, who has been professionally active in this field since 1980 as curator, coordinator and commissioner. PDG Arte Communications promotes the knowledge and development of contemporary art through the organization of exhibitions in Italy and abroad, debates and press conferences in qualified and innovative locations and the edition of catalogues and publications by curators and art historians. It fosters the exchange and circulation of information collaborating with government institutions, museums, foundations, galleries and associations all over the world.
Since 2017, PDG Arte Communications has launched the new exhibition project TraVellArT, curated by Paolo De Grandis and Carlotta Scarpa, which includes a series of exhibitions dedicated to artists working in Venice and beyond, taking inspiration from the theme of travel as suggested by the exhibition. space. Hotel Savoia & Jolanda is a historic Venetian hotel, a welcoming space for travelers where visitors can interact with the works of artists who measure themselves against a typically characterized architecture: Venice with its forms and its history envelops and challenges the travel artworks.


Fabrizio PozzoliFabrizio Pozzoli
(Milan, Italy)

Winner at 13th edition
Exhibition period:
to be defined
Miriam NicastroMiriam Nicastro
(Enna, Italy)

Winner at 12th edition
Exhibition period:
30th August - 30th September 2018

Discover Miriam's experience >
Catalogue >
Phil AkashiPhil Akashi
(Bruxelles, Belgium)

Winner at 11th edition
Exhibition period:
1st September - 1st October 2017
Gonul Nuhoglu Recycle Group
(Krasnodar and Stavropol, Russia)

Winner at 10th edition
Exhibition period:
2nd September - 2nd October 2016
Gonul Nuhoglu Gonul Nuhoglu
(Istanbul, Turkey)

Winner at 9th edition
Exhibition period:
3rd - 23th September 2015
Sasha Frolova Sasha Frolova
(Moscow, Russia)

Winner at 8th edition
Exhibition period:
28th August - 28th September 2014
Roberto Cambi Roberto Cambi
(Varese, Italy)

Winner at 8th edition
Exhibition period:
28th August - 28th September 2014
Maria Elisa d'Andrea Maria Elisa d'Andrea

Winner at 7th edition
Exhibition period:
August - September 2013

Photogallery >
Lia We Zhang Qiang Lia We Zhang Qiang
(Shandong, China)

Winner at 6th edition
Exhibition period:
August - September 2012
Shendra Stucki Shendra Stucki
(Penrith, Australia)

Winner at 5th edition
Exhibition period:
August - September 2011
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