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premio arte laguna   28.11.2013
Arte Laguna Prize and Glass School Abate Zanetti present the work by artist-in-residence in Murano

Arte Laguna Prize and Glass School Abate Zanetti present the work by artist-in-residence in Murano

Tomorrow, Friday November 29th at 11:00am, the work created by artist Ana Roda at Glass School Abate Zanetti will be presented in Murano, Venice. The Spanish artist is the recipient of the special prize "Art Residency" at the Glass School, awarded during the seventh Arte Laguna Prize.

Ana Roda had the opportunity to spend one month in Venice, hosted by Abate Zanetti, for the completion of her art project in Murano glass in collaboration with the masters from the school; the work Fairy Forest will carry in fact a double signature, the one of the artist and the one of master Giancarlo Signoretto.
Fairy Forest was made through the furnace technique, and it is a celebration of nature, the human being and communication, which is synthesized by six totemic shapes representing bare trees in contrasting colours.
The six totemic elements are reminiscent of the Cromlech structure, of the agora as the meeting point in the history of humankind, recreating an imaginary world. The verticality of shapes is broken by horizontal and diagonal elements that produce vectors in space.

The collaboration between Arte Laguna Prize and Glass School Abate Zanetti is well grounded. In the last three years, artists entering the contest have had the chance to submit a project to be realized in Murano glass; the best submission, directly selected by the scientific committee of the School, comes to life during the stay of the selected artist in the Lagoon. Before Ana Roda, the following artists have been awarded the residency: Giulia Magagnini, Leonore Roussel and Bete Esteves in 2012; Sabine Delafon in 2011.

All the info at

ANA RODA (Salamanca, Spain - 1985) Lives and works in Valladolid - Spain.
In addition to being an artist, she is also an art teacher in Valladolid.
She took part in several exhibitions both in Italy and Spain.

Work specifications:
Title: Fairy Forest
Artist: Ana Roda
Technique: furnace
Material: Murano glass
Size: 30 x 30 x 55 cm
Presentation: November 29, 2013 at 11:00am
Venue: Glass School Abate Zanetti, calle Briati 2/b Murano, Venice
How to arrive: from Piazzale Roma Line 3 at 10:20am – stop Murano Faro
from Ferrovia-Railway Station Line 3 at 10:24am – stop Murano Faro

Arte Laguna Prize
Alessandra Lazzarin
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