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Exibart was born in 2000 and immediately it became the unavoidable point of reference for art enthusiasts and experts. During 15 years it has made the web information's history of this field and has become an informative multichannel platform which spreads its contents through the web, mails, videos (Exibart.com/ Exibart.tv), the newspaper (Exibart.onpaper) and smartphones (Exibart.mobile) reaching a varied and large audience of about 300.000 people a month. It is the most efficient and the most widespread tool of information and in-depth analysis of art, architecture, design, fashion, teaching, cultural tourism… with a community of followers that over 10 years has become a cultural generator and a strand of public opinion.

Sculpture Network

Sculpture network is Europe’s platform for contemporary sculpture, a non-profit organisation for the support, encouragement and promotion of contemporary sculpture. Adhering to its motto "stand up for sculpture!" it backs interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange among artists, culture organizations, professionals and friends of the arts, throughout Europe.

Tutti Fotografi

Tutti Fotografi is the most widespread magazine dedicated to photography in Italy. Its strong point is the high professional competence in the photography field of the editorial office, founded in 1894. The magazine, 130 pages, every month features articles regarding especially the major innovations in the field of cameras and MTF laboratory tests of camera bodies and lens.


Zoom magazine is the magazine dedicated to fine art photography since 1970 and the most internationally recognized in its field. 112 large format pages, with Italian and English articles realized in collaboration with photographers and authors, feature the best authors in the market of photography, both historical and contemporary, with a special focus on emerging artists. Each hard issue includes a collector print to collect (Ansel Adams, Helmut Newton, Steve McCurry and many others).